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Updated: 1st December 2017

Here we are nearing the end of the year and it’s been quite a year for us already, what with the variety of Vintage & Classic synths coming through our business. Another big success for us in 2017 has been the Synth Brokering service which we re-launched in August 2012.

The number of customers looking to sell high-quality examples of their own synths through RL Music has increased considerably this year, and very recently we were commissioned to sell-off an entire analogue synth collection.

We will be updating our website with all the new instrument/pricing details in the coming week, but we wanted to mention today that the list will include one of these pictured here.

The Mk1 Arp Odyssey pictured was actually sold to the customer we are now Brokering it for some 8 years or so ago, so was a beautiful condition example. Everything we Broker is fully serviced by KSR prior to shipping/delivery to the new owner, and sold with a 3 month warranty.

So, if you have a synth that you want to sell but don’t want all the hassles in finding a new buyer then all you need do is email us and we will Broker it for you. The full details of our Synth Brokering Service are found on our website here: