Ensoniq VFX-SD

Came into stock:  April 2013

Servicing Status: Currently being serviced by KSR

ETR (estimated time from restoration): May 2013.

Remarks: The evolution of the Ensoniq Synthesizers from the ESQ-1 developed strongly into the VFX, which uses wavetable synthesis – like the PPG et al.

This model was a powerhouse of synth technology and even featured polyphonic aftertouch, inbuilt effects and 21 note polyphonic keyboard. Even by todays standards that’s impressive, although poly AT is exceptional!

Even if you don’t use the fantastic synth for its sounds (and why wouldn’t you?), you still have an excellent MIDI keyboard controller for your soft-synths, and it transmits Poly AT & velocity.

Operates on EU 220V and sold with a 3 month warranty.

Guide Price Servicing: £590 GBP

Availability: This Ensoniq VFX-SD is now SOLD as at 31st July 2013.


Minimoog #2222

We are Brokering this Minimoog for and on behalf of a customer

Came into stock: Due to arrive at RL Music early February 2013

Restoration Status: KSR to commence restoration once we deliver to their workshop in February 2013.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Should be ready in March/April 2013

Remarks: We have been looking for another a very early production version Moog Music Inc. Minimoog and this excellent example became available to us via a customer who wants us to Broker it for them.

We always will tell you that there is something special about owning an early model that become immediately apparent once you start playing it, it’s about the sound. Also, the cabinets that Moog were using for these earlier machines were of a high quality hard wood, and they always respond beautifully to restoration.

This #2222 serial number Minimoog also has a MIDI retrofit – more details on that will be supplied shortly, but it makes it a very useful studio machine for DAW integration etc. The overall cosmetic condition is very good for such an early model although there is some wear as you might expect. These iconic Moog synths are the most beautifully made and conceived electronic instruments, so why wouldn’t anyone want to own one!

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £3890 UK Pounds

Availability: This Minimoog is now SOLD as at 14th March 2013

Library picture supplied below


Elka Synthex Mk2

This item is in Stock

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music on 8th January 2013

Restoration Status: This Synthex is at KSR now and currently undergoing full restoration.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Should be ready by March 2013

Remarks: A truly stunning example of the mid version (Mk2) Elka Synthex – with the factory MIDI option delivered through the break-out-box (supplied). This Synthex could easily qualify as a collectors piece, and can be described as exemplary.

We reluctantly sold our own ‘in-house’ Elka Synthex back in April last year which we considered to be the best condition Mk3 example we had ever seen. This Synthex now in stock surpasses even our own machine and will represent a fine instrument for anyone looking for the best condition example in the world. KSR are conducting a full restoration on the operational side, as well as re-finishing the cabinet.

This Synthex operates on EU 220V.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £7990 UK Pounds

Availability: This Synthex is now SOLD as at 3rd April 2013.


Roland jupiter 8

Came into stock: Due to arrive at RL Music in late January 2013

Restoration Status: Full service by KSR will commence in Early February 2013.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): February 2013

Remarks: We have an old friend coming back to us in the form of a former RL Music supplied Roland Jupiter 8. This particular example had going through our ‘Total Restoration’ cosmetic overhaul in 2009 (over £2K in restoration alone!) and represents one of the best condition Jupiter 8 in the world – fact!

Total Restoration means the panels has been stripped and re-sprayed & re-screen-printed and the end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics completely overhauled, key-bed refurbished, new perspex display etc. This is the highest level restoration we offer for these wonderful synths.

This example is a 12 bit version which also has the Encore MIDI kit fitted. The owner is downsizing his vintage synth collection and wanted his most prized synth to come back to us to find new home for. We will have KSR go over the synth as a standard process of our quality assurance, so it will be fully serviced and sold with a 6 month warranty.

It VERY are to see these ‘Total Restoration’ examples come onto the market so if you are after the ‘best of the best’ condition JP8 then here is your chance.

Guide Price Post-Servicing: £7500 UK Pounds

Availability: This JP8 now SOLD as at 2nd February 2013.

Library picture supplied below of a ‘Total Restoration’ JP8


Roland Juno 60 VSE

Custom Roland Juno 60 – Very Special Edition (Black & White Versions)

Are you after the perfect Juno 60 – something very special?

We are delighted to announce that these ultra-high level custom finished Juno 60 have just been completed from their extensive restorations and are now available for sale.

The RL Music ‘RESTORATION’ page on this website actually features the project restoration of these two synths but here are the highlights about what has been done and invested into them:

In February 2012, KSR had totally disassembled 2 x Juno 60 to begin the project restoration.

>Brand new solid Oak cabinets were hand made by Lamond Design.

>Customsynth stripped and had both Juno repainted, one in black & the other in white – to RL Music specifications. The panels were then screen-printed using different graphic colours to complement the background finish.

>We purchased 2 x Minerva MIDI kits to go with both synths.

>KSR final assembly and fitting of MIDI kits PLUS full electronic overhaul and key-bed refurbishment, staining and hand finishing of wood cabinets and then 7 day soak-test.

>Total Custom Project Restoration time came to 6 months, involved 10 people in 8 different specialist businesses and cost £850 on each synth in restoration alone.

As you can see from the pictures, the results are fantastic and these instruments have been prepared to the very highest standard possible. The Minerva MIDI kits provide full SysEx control of the Juno and come pre-loaded with a full compliment of patches.

Due to the amount of time & effort and funds invested into both these special examples they are sold with a full 6 months warranty and both run on EU voltage (220V).

Price = £1950 GBP Each

Availability = White Version is now sold as at 31st August 2012

Availability = Black Version is now sold as at 16th September 2012

Click the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Oberheim Xpander

This item is currently being restored

Came into stock: Aug 2012

Restoration Status: Awaiting restoration by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End October 2012

Remarks: Big & lush sounding vintage analogue polysynth these Xpanders, and you can carry it under your arm!

Seriously though, it’s a special synth and the example we have just bought is in really nice condition. The original owner had it for over 10 years but it’s been stored for the lat 5 so we’re having KSR undertake a full restoration on the synth.

The restoration work will include a full system overhaul, calibration & soak testing. The case, micro-switches & jack sockets will been deep cleaned plus the wood re-finished so it looks and works like new.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £2550 UK Pounds

Availability: Now Sold as at 30th August 2012


Sci STUDIO 440

Sequential Circuits Studio 440 Sampler

This great sounding instrument is considered one of the best Vintage Sequencing/Sampling Drum & Music Productions Machines ever made!

It’s not something we would normally deal in but we had the opportunity to play one recently and consider it’s reputation was well founded – a really great sounding sampler.

Its beautifully designed, intuitive to use and feels very much like a Sequential product in the materials and parts used. The architecture is impressive with a clean and very punchy 12bit sampling and some clever MIDI implementation as well. These are very rare and sought after machines & we have been lucky to get hold of two of them and this is the first one ready for sale.

KSR has just fully overhauled this particular example including servicing and calibrating the floppy-drive. The unit has some light wear to the panel graphics but otherwise it’s in almost new condition throughout. We have also had all 8 drum-pads replaced with brand new items from WineCountry in the USA so it’s plays perfectly..

We also have a reasonably large library that will be included with this Studio 440 unit, and it’s original user manual.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and run on UK/EU voltage.

Price = SOLD in July

Availability = No Longer Available

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.



Sequential Circuits Inc, Prophet 600

We don’t see many of these any more, and finding one in great condition is even less likely, so we were very pleased to get this P600 in stock.

The Prophet 600 was the fist commercially available synth to have MIDI as standard from the factory and this later version has 100 patch-memory. The sound is very reminiscent of the Prophet 5 but sports 2 on-board sequencers and an arpeggiator which is really useful & something the P5 lacked.

The P600 is a really excellent way to dial into that classic Prophet sound but much more affordable than it’s bigger brothers (P5,P10 & T8 etc). It has that wonderful vintage analogue warmth and can can kick out some powerful/edgy leads and effects…a great all-rounder and with character & vintage appeal.

This P600 has only just been fully serviced and is sold with a 3 month warranty from RL Music. lt will run on 110V or 220V and is supplied with its original owners manual.

Cosmetically it’s in excellent condition with little wear and clearly never been gigged. The synth was purchased from a UK collector and is a very nice example and plays beautifully. The only minor item of note is a small blemish to the top right of the front panel which looks like a production article under the paint so probably been there since new.

Price: 1490 UK Pounds

Availability: This synth is now sold as at 14th September 2012

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.



Here’s a very cost effective way of dialing into that vintage analogue Roland sound – the Juno 106.

Without any doubt a true vintage synth and a very useable and practical analogue polysynth keyboard for live use as well as studio. The Juno 106 is among the first factory fitted MIDI synths from Roland in the early 80s, and with its on-board effects (chorus) and a really warm 24db/Oct filter, it sounds (and is) really retro whilst the DCO’s provide strong tuning stability.

The more advanced MIDI control on the 106 (SysEx) means you can use external patch-editors (Mac & PC) although in truth it’s not all that complex to program from the front panel…which is a big part of the joy of owing a vintage synth like this.

We picked up this super example from a UK collector who had owned it since new so it’s in immaculate condition – it certainly never left the home environment.

KSR have fully overhauled this Juno 106 and have given it a clean bill of health with no problems found with any of its original parts.

As you can see, the condition is fantastic and high-res pictures are available on request.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on UK/EU voltage. We also have the original owners manual for this 106 and that’s also in perfect condition!

Price: 780 UK Pounds

Availability: This is now SOLD as at 13th November 2012 but we have another being restored which should be available soon.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.



Late Minimoog (Serial No. 12883) With MIDI

Another of the worlds most famous synthesizer from RL Music!

This very late model was one of the last few hundred to be manufactured, around 1981, which makes this a very stable in tuning and tracking – utilising the buffer-board (factory fitted) and late Moog VCOs…a players synth!

In addition, the S-Trig socket has been modified into a DIN socket to accept the Phillip Rees MIDI to CV cable. This very simple and elegant retro-fit enables this Minimoog to operate over MIDI. The Phillip Rees MIDI unit is supplied with the synth free of charge.

A note on the restoration:

On this particular example, we have had the original Moog cabinet re-finished by KSR and the results are pretty impressive. The wood has been stripped, stained and wax finished and shows beautiful character in the grain as you can see from the pictures.

Operationally speaking from the restoration standpoint, we do not change any electronic components that would compromise the integrity of the Moogs character. There might be some components that we will have prudently replaced due to age like but these are off-the-shelf components. The Keyboard is completely stripped and rebuilt with a full set of new bushings, all pots and switches cleaned, and the final calibration and test finishes of the restoration.

The aluminum real panel enclosure is completely original. We decided not to have the panel re-anodized as it contains some original Moog factory stickers that give this instrument complete authenticity. Restoration is a about balance, and although the cabinet is not the original brown varnished factory one, we think the work KSR have done does the synth great justice.

As you can see, the appearance of this professionally restored instrument is remarkable and high-res pictures are available on request.

Considering the age, outstanding condition, and additional care taken in restoring this Minimoog, we are confident that she will see at least another 30 years of faithful operation. Being a Minimoog, this is naturally an excellent investment or everyday useable music instrument.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and can run either US or EU voltage through the power switch on the rear-panel.

Price = SOLD 6th July

Availability = No Longer Available

Click the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.