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Imagine looking forward to a receiving newsletter!

Well that’s what our subscribers keep telling us when we sent out the VCS April 2012 edition. This is a high-quality colour printed edition (not another unwanted email to interrupt you) and a way to enjoy your passion for synths at your leisure, with interesting and engaging stories about what we all love – Vintage & Classic Synths!

Here is what people said:

“I just want to thank you very much for this piece of hardware! Nowadays it’s something really special to get a non-digital newsletter and it is like you mentioned on page 3 in V&CS – you don’t have to stare at a screen (what we all do quite a lot every day!) And it really matches to the subject it deals with: vintage & classic – I really enjoy it!”

Michael Knoth

“I wanted to tell you that I received and read the newsletter and really enjoyed it! Looks great and it was good to start with a kind of mission statement edition & I can’t wait for the more in-depth features to appear about restoration projects. As you know, your audience is composed entirely of synth nuts so I hope you won’t hesitate to delve into the smallest details of that work whenever you want to!”

Marc Weerts

“Just a very quick note, wanted to say the news letter is absolutely fantastic! Received my copy in this mornings mail & very much enjoyed reading it. Many thanks! Looking forward to the next one.”

Mark Winter

“I received your April 1012 edition 1 newsletter today and, man, you guys are serious about class ain’t you? This newsletter looks better than some manuals I have of the gear I have!”

Marco Klaasen

“Hey Richard, your highly professional looking newsletter made it all the way to the Canadian prairies today! Thanks mate, I’m looking forward to doing the crossword.”

Xander Richards