Service & Restoration

All RL Music supplied equipment has been fully serviced and/or been subject to detailed and high-level restoration prior to sale. The extent of the investment made into the preparation for each instrument sold is highlighted in the sales particulars.

Working with our ‘Approved Partners’ RL Music offers a complete range of servicing, repairs and restoration services for customers own equipment. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

We work in close partnership with the world renowned vintage instrument restoration company: Kent Spong Restorations (KSR), which is an UK based independent and privately owned and operated business from RL Music.

We have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Kent for over 37 years so can tell you this guy is the genuine article and a synth tech extraordinaire. Kent has been a dear friend, gear-head and synth-nut for as long as we have known him and his foray into the very challenging world of electronics repairs and restorations has been the best thing that has happened to us and the synth community at large – he is a super talented guy.

Here’s a typical example of the restoration process from what arrives as being sold to us as in ‘mint condition’ to what we actually can achieve with some hard work and very talented people. This has taken 6 months to complete and involved 10 people through 8 different business:

Juno 60 arrives and it’s not looking very happy at all:

KSR strip it down ready for us to ship the panels to Customsynth and we contact Lamond Design to commission a custom made replacement cabinet, in Oak/Ply. Also contact MIDIpolis to purchase Minerva MIDI kits.

Customsynth have the panels stripped to bare metal, professionally repainted and painstakingly screen printed using his service partners.

Beautiful hand-crafted Oak & Ply-base cabinets arrive from Lamond Design

Minerva MIDI Kits arrive

KSR now have everything ready for the final re-assemble and full electronic overhaul which will include; re-capping the PSU, total solder-joint and connectors check, total strip & deep clean of the key-bed and re-bushing, fully system wide calibrations, soak testing and install factory patches. Here the Lamond Design custom made cabinets have been assembled and stained and now await for the ‘synth-engine’ to be installed!

Here we are – 6 months later and hundreds of hours work invested, we present a fully professionally restored Roland Juno 60 from RL Music – there…simple!

KSR – Business address and contact details:

Kent Spong
3 Gadesden Road,
Ewell, Surrey, KT19 9LB. UK
Tel:      +44 (0) 20 8873 2044


Whilst Kent at KSR is our principle appointed synth tech, we also work closely with a small number of highly specialised business here in the UK in order to deliver custom restoration, cabinetry and other technical expertise. If you require specialised services for your equipment then the best thing to do is call in and speak to Richard.