RL Music, & Covid

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Updated 21st October 2020.

Like just about everyone, our small business has been affected by Covid, but we and KSR are still working hard to operate as normally as possible. There are operational changes we have had to implement around customer visits, demos and other logistical items, but nothing that has yet stumped us.

It’s (kind of) business as usual, and we are still buying and selling vintage synths, albeit under much more challenging circumstances. We want to thank all our customers, clients and suppliers for your continued support and understanding, and for allowing our small family run business to continue trading.


Merry Christmas 2019

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Updated: 18th Dec 2019

Another year is rolling to an end, and a tumultuous year it has been, not just in the UK but the synth market as well. RL Music is determined to uphold our quality of products & service and commitment to the vintage synth market whatever the Brexit outcome. We sincerely thank all our customers and Facebook followers for your support and continued interest in our small/niche business and look forward to an exciting and challenging 2020.

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September 2019

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We’re back from our summer break and things are hotting up for September.  Aside from the beautiful vintage synths already on offer on our sales page, we have a few new interesting items coming in over the next few weeks, the first being a super condition Arp Quadra.

The Quadra is a rare instrument to find in good condition these days, and this example is certainly been well looked after.  It’s due to arrive at KSR in a few weeks time, but any enquiries are welcome early on this, so please contact Richard if you would like to learn more.

Happy New Year!

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Updated: 7th January 2019

Happy New Year everyone and we hope 2019 is going to be the best yet, especially for us vintage synth fans. Across the analogue/digital synth landscape it’s literally ‘electric’ with the announcements of new synths coming out, so something for everyone’s taste & budget.

The start of January is always a quiet time in the vintage synth business as people are gathering themselves from the shock of Christmas, but we are starting January with some exciting new items coming into stock. We have an EMS Synthi A coming in this week, and another stunning (partial) Roland System 700, so some pretty impressive and iconic gear.

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Roland System 700 Restoration Completed!

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Updated 17th July 2018.

We are delighted to announce that the Roland System 700 has now been through its meticulous restoration by KSR. We have today, updated the sales listing with all the information about the restoration, and also uploaded a load of high-res photos of the post-restored instrument…it’s just awesome!

You can find the System 700 listing by clicking on the ‘Home’ page or just click the following ink:


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Updated: 6th July 2018

We will shortly have a stunning example of the world famous EMS VCS3, a modified Mk2 version, coming up for sale shortly, and this sweet machine comes with a fascinating provenance.

This VCS3 was previously owned by the composer; Edward Williams, who drew inspiration from it and used it in the first series of the BBC’s Life On Earth series. More info on all of that to follow next week once we collect the VCS3 from KSR, so please keep checking our sales pages for updates.

Arp 2600 Price Reduction!

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Updated 26th June 2018.

We have the privilege to Broker a very special custom re-finished Arp 2600 that’s been available on our website for a couple of months now. Our Client who owns this one-of-a-kind 2600 has been keen for us to find a buyer, so has agreed a significant price reduction so we can get this synth into a new home as soon as possible.

We’ve updated our sales page today with a huge price change on this instrument, so please click this link to find out more:

Jupiter 6

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Updated: 20th June 2018

We are feeling rather privileged as we have two Roland Jupiter 6 coming up for sale imminently, and both examples are factory stock, and in pristine condition…almost ‘as new.’

The JP6 is a fantastic vintage polysynth and built at a time when Roland was producing many of the very best synthesisers in the world. It’s not often they come up for sale in such beautiful condition, so please keep checking our sales pages for updates.

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King of Synths

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Updated 13th June 2018.

We got the ‘go ahead’ this week from our client to Broker his ex-RL Music restored CS80 (pictured here). Kent at KSR is running through the pre-sale prep now as it’s at his workshop but we can tell you that this CS80 was fully cosmetically and operationally restored by us in 2015, had MIDI and a solid Walnut surround (by Lamond Design) fitted – one of the very finest CS80 we ever sold!

We’ll be updating our sales page shortly with all the details on this truly outstanding CS80, and have some high-res pictures available as well of course. This represents the pinnacle of what we can achieve in restoration terms for this King of Synths, so it’s a rare opportunity to own ‘the perfect CS80.’

EMS Synthi AKS

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Updated: 6th June 2018

The EMS Synthi AKS has been out of production for a long time, and even EMS are due to finish their Synth A production soon, so it’s of no surprise to learn why these amazing instruments are in such high demand.

We have a much coveted AKS model being delivered to KSR today, which we are Brokering for our UK Client. More on this enchanting synthesizer will be made available soon, but these models usually sell very quickly, so make sure you call or email Richard if you are interested in getting hold of one of these rare machines.

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