Yamaha DX5

We are Brokering this Yamaha DX5 for, and on behalf of, a long standing UK customer

Came into stock: In stock and available – 16th May 2013.

Restoration Status: Recently fully serviced in Q1 2013.

Remarks: The DX5 packs some serious bi-timbric synthesis power, and even by todays standards is a serious pice of kit, and sounds massive!

Operationally speaking, the DX5 is very close to the mighty DX1 but without the real estate and some performance features, which means it’s affordable for most people. This was Yamaha’s intention when it was released in 1985 as a professional grade instrument.

These models are quite hard to find these days in anything approaching decent condition so when our customer purchased this example he was after something at the top end of the quality scale.

From the customer supplied pictures you can see that this DX5 is in amazing condition, and it’s supplied with two ROM Cartridges.

This particular example was very recently fully serviced by KSR so in 100% perfect operational condition. Runs US 110V & EU 220V Voltage.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £750 GBP.

Availability: This DX5 is now SOLD as at 20th May 2013

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos (customer supplied).