Moog System 15 Reiss...

Came into stock: Available for sale from RL Music as at 11th March 2019.

Servicing Status: This is a brand new instrument.

Remarks: We are offering up for sale, what we believe is the only opportunity to buy the last ‘as factory new’ Moog System 15 reissue left in the world. This Moog has never been touched since it left the factory in Asheville, USA. We never even took off the packing tape on the outer shipping box, so it genuinely qualifies as a mint condition instrument and as it came shipped from Moog.

There is #34 on the shipping box, so that’s possibly the serial/production number, but without opening it up, we wouldn’t know. The Moog System 15 comes included with all the documentation, certificate and cables ex-factory so a little time capsule already.

We purchased this brand new Moog back in 2016, and the intention was to keep it, unboxed, for use in the future, and to add to our Vintage Moog Modular collection. However, due to ongoing investments into the RL Music brand, including a new website we are having built, we now need to raise some cash, so reluctantly we will have to let this beautiful instrument go to another custodian.

There is plenty of information on the internet (and from Moog of course) about this beautifully re-made classic from the original Moog companies 1973 portable Modular line-up, and what a superb job of reproducing this they have done. It’s a hand-built instrument that oozes quality, heft and presence, with a ‘no expense spared’ approach to manufacturing it. We had the opportunity to Broker another System 15 reissue in 2019, and we can attest that this is most certainly not a low-budget clone, and sounds almost indistinguishable from the vintage original…bravo!

The pictures showing the front-panel and inner/retail box are for illustration only and our from our library of another System 15 reissue we sold for a client in December last year, so not the unboxed example we are selling now. The two pictures showing the shipping box and the ‘#34’ are of the actual instrument, or at least the outer-shipping-box with the modular synth inside its retail box, which we took in our storage unit, or Synth Storage Emporium, as we like to call it.

Of the only 150 produced there are no Moog System 15 reissues left in the world for sale from authorised Moog dealers. This sale is a unique opportunity to buy a factory-new machine that’s not had a hand touch it since it left the factory.

Whoever buys this Moog will be offered the opportunity (free of charge) for our synth tech, Kent Spong at KSR, to health-check to operational condition, but this will mean the packaging will need to be opened up to do this. This option is available, but we are not proactively going do anything to the Moog unless with strict instructions, and post-purchase, by the new owner. The Moog will be sold with our standard 3-month warranty.

Price: £12,990 GBP.

Availability: This Moog System 15 reissue is now SOLD, as at 17th April 2020.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of the actual Moog System 15 reissue for sale.