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Xmas 2019 Comp

Following on from our facebook post on 13th December 2019:

Facebook Post Link

We’ve been thinking about running a competition, something for Christmas.  In the past, we’ve given away restored vintage synths, but those are nostalgic memories now, much like the instruments themselves, and way out of our budget this days, so how about something simple, cheap and fun.

We have here a couple of new/unopened ‘Vintage Synth Trumps 2’ packs that some of you might know about. We provided some of the pictures for the first version of these.  These were produced by Dave & Chris at G-Force a few years back and they are a good laugh for us synth nerds, and are now collectable items!

Okay, so this is no grand gesture with some expensive synth to win, but just a simple game that’s vintage synth related and will appeal to the synth-nerd in us all.  🙂

All you have to do to enter to win one of the two packs available is sign-up with your email for the ’Vintage Synth Trumps 2 Xmas Competition’ – click the link below:

 On Christmas Eve, we’ll pick at random, 2 people from the list and then contact you for your address so we can post the pack out to you.  

Click on the image below to get signed up. You’ll get a confirmation email once accepted, which is all done in accordance with GPDR rules.