Coming in Shortly

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Updated 1st June 2018.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be receiving an impressive collection of vintage synths that we are Brokering on behalf of an estate clearance. KSR will be working on each item to ready them for pre-sale, so they’re carrying out a full assessment for us so we can report and preset each item with accuracy an clarity. Items coming up are:

Arp Axxe, Arp Odyssey Model 2821, Minimoog, Roland TB303, Roland Jupiter 6, Sequential Prophet 5 and Solina String Ensemble.

We’ll update our RLM sales pages and Facebook Page once we have all the pertinent information on each instrument so please keep checking our websites, but if you have any questions in advance of this then please call or email Richard (an RLM library picture featured here for illustration only).

Collector Grade Juno 60

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Updated: 30th May 2018

The Roland Juno 60 is hardly a rare synth to find these days, but what’s hard is finding them in 100% original, unmodified and pristine condition.

We have a ‘time capsule’ Juno 60 coming in shortly that would suit someone who’s been looking for that perfect example, and we are really excited to show you this. It even comes with its original factory program cassette from Roland!

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Our Privacy Policy

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GPDR Regulations – updated 24th May 2018.

This month we’ve updated our Privacy Policy due to new regulations (GDPR) to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect and why we collect it. We’ve also taken steps to improve our Privacy Check-up and other controls that we provide to safeguard your data and protect your privacy. This legislation will affect every business that handles personal data for clients.

At RL Music, steps have been taken to ensure that everything is GDPR compliant. A hard copy is kept at RL Music or we can email you a copy should you wish.   If you would like to maintain communication with RL Music then please email or call us.

If you have any concerns or would like more information then please contact us at

Kind Regards

Richard Lawson – Proprietor for RL Music

Coming into Stock Shortly

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Updated: 15th May 2018

We have a small number of very special vintage instruments coming up for sale shortly, and these will be added to our sales pages as soon as we have all the photos and listing information completed.

One of the ‘bigger hitters’ will be a beautiful Mk2 Elka Synthex wich has MIDI fitted. The Synthex is a very good all original condition and has only just had a full service from KSR.

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RL Music Facebook Page

As of today, we have nearly 24000 fans who are regular visitors to our Facebook Page and this has been a huge success and great fun to operate. We use the Page as our Blog and post up news and information on synths along with some beautiful high-res pictures…check it out and ‘Like it” if you like it.

Once the new website work has been completed we will be turning our attention to our YouTube Channel. The YouTube Channel is to be used as an outlet for all future video projects from RL Music and may include specific product demos or more likely music projects accompanied by video.


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Updated: 1st December 2017

Here we are nearing the end of the year and it’s been quite a year for us already, what with the variety of Vintage & Classic synths coming through our business. Another big success for us in 2017 has been the Synth Brokering service which we re-launched in August 2012.

The number of customers looking to sell high-quality examples of their own synths through RL Music has increased considerably this year, and very recently we were commissioned to sell-off an entire analogue synth collection.

We will be updating our website with all the new instrument/pricing details in the coming week, but we wanted to mention today that the list will include one of these pictured here.

The Mk1 Arp Odyssey pictured was actually sold to the customer we are now Brokering it for some 8 years or so ago, so was a beautiful condition example. Everything we Broker is fully serviced by KSR prior to shipping/delivery to the new owner, and sold with a 3 month warranty.

So, if you have a synth that you want to sell but don’t want all the hassles in finding a new buyer then all you need do is email us and we will Broker it for you. The full details of our Synth Brokering Service are found on our website here:

15 Years in Business

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Updated: 26th August 2017

So here we are at the end of August 2017 already, and this month has us celebrating 15 years in business! We’ve have had many very memorable moments, and the best part has always been about the people involved in this incredibly specialised business. It’s been an education, and at many times, a steep learning curve in the complex business mix of electronics, art and history. Above all, it’s been a privilege of doing something I love, with passionate people, for passionate customers.

A huge thanks go out to all our customers, friends/supporters & business partners, suppliers, and last but certainly not least, the fans of the RL Music Facebook Page. It’s been a real blast, and long may it continue.

We’ve had another very positive year, selling a really interesting mix of highly restored vintage synths, and our Synth Brokering business has gone from strength to strength.

The summer period is always a quieter time for us generally as many of our music-pro customers are either away on tour, or people are generally taking time away on holidays etc. However, behind the scenes, it’s really hectic as we, and our Service Partners, prepare all our current stock ready for sale, and the restoration process is always slow and meticulous. We have a very impressive range of fine vintage synths available and recently added a stunning Andromeda A6 to our Brokered sales line up.

There’s a possibility of a very large vintage synth collection coming up for sale through us this year, and that’s going to fill our sales pages to the gunnels if it all goes ahead, so our fingers are crossed!

We do plan to run another Synth Give-Away competition in the next couple of months, so please watch this space for news on that.

Don’t forget that through our Service Partners, we are able to offer an extensive range of services for your own synths, so please contact Richard Lawson if you need anything.


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Are you looking for a rare and hard to find synth?

RL Music offers a service to all analogue synth enthusiasts where we will source, purchase, import / transport, service / restore, deliver and fully warranty any vintage synth you have been looking for but couldn’t find through all your own efforts. Mostly higher-end vintage instruments are our speciality but call or email now and find out more about how we can help you.