Boss KM-60 Mixer

This item is for sale as part of a combo lising with also includes a Roland Juno 60 and a Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer

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Juno 60 + JSQ-60

We are Brokering these instruments for and on behalf of our UK customer

Servicing Status: KSR has already carried out a full service on this in July 2023.

Remarks: This Roland Juno 60, JSQ-60 and Boss KM-60 were purchased by our client brand new (from our Client’s memory) around 1983 from a music shop based in Chelmsford, and all three items have only ever been used in the home.  The cosmetic condition is outstanding for all three machines, pristine and almost (if not) as-new condition. These are usable vintage instruments, so they have intrinsic value as such but the condition of this collection more than qualifies as something a collector would cherish.

We are going to try and sell this collection as a bundle for two reasons; 

Firstly as they were all bought together and have been used together for 40 years, so it would be ideal to not split them up if possible.

Secondly, as these actually all make excellent partners in terms of operating and mixing, especially with that stunning condition analogue keyboard mixer, the KM-60

The summary prices below offer a bundle price or the option to buy separately.

The Juno 60

The design of the Juno 60 has to be one of the best Roland ever produced in terms of simplicity of sound design and warmth of character. The Juno 60 has been a ‘go-to’ synth for working musicians wanting that vintage sound for quite a while now.  It kind of defies logic that a DCO synth could deliver such a lush and musical tone, and it won the hearts and minds of all synthesists who’d had the opportunity to own or play one. 

This is, we feel, the cleanest all original example we have had through our business, with the buttons and keys so clean and white, it’s like looking at a brand new machine. Included in the sale is the original Roland Patch Program Data Cassette and owner’s manual.

This synth sounds and operates like all Juno 60 should, and KSR has fully serviced the synth, so it’s 100% working perfectly and good to go.  Aside from the DCB Port, there is no modern MIDI retrofit to this example, but as it’s in such beautiful original condition it would be such a shame to drill holes into the pristine metal panel.  Kenton still produces a Pro-DCB MIDI converter, so we would recommend going this route to maintain the originality for MIDI functionality, but if you must have a more sophisticated MIDI access then please call and speak to us about what options are available and costs etc.

The price has been agreed with our client to reflect the outstanding condition as we both recognise this to be a vastly superior quality example to what most people are trying to sell online around the world. 

The Juno JSQ-60

This was Roland’s solution to a dedicated polyphonic sequencer for the Juno 60, which connects via the proprietary DCB port on the synth from a Roland sequencer. A useful 2000-step unit that’s simple to use and an effective partner for its time.

As you can see from the photos, the unit comes still contained within its original EO retail packaging. The cosmetic condition is excellent with only tiny areas showing any imperfections, and we have provided some photos below that show all angles of the sequencer so you can get a feel for it’s overall quality.

KSR has fully serviced the synth, so it’s 100% working perfectly and good to go, and we have purchased a brand new 9V DC 1A external power supply (UK model) for this, which is included in the price.

The Boss KM-60 6-Channel Analogue Mixer

A very well-known and sought-after analogue mixer that Boss produced in the late 1970s. It’s a stereo 6-channel machine that offers onboard EQ, effects send and panning,  some lovely VU-meters and a beautiful aesthetic that fits perfectly with the Juno-60 and JSQ-60.  There’s a lot of love for this little mixer, we used to own one back in the day so know it well and have fond memories of our ownership. Certainly, you can buy a lot more ‘mixer’ these days, but period-correct equipment has a unique appeal and the KM-60, especially in this condition, is very much collectable and only set to become more desirable as the years go by.

As you can see from the pictures, it’s is fantastic cosmetic condition with only the smallest evidence that tells you this mixer is over 40 years old.

KSR have fully serviced the mixer, cleaned all the potentiometers and jack-sockets and re-capped the PSU, so it’s 100% working perfectly.  We all know that mixers impart a lot of character to the tone of the instruments used through them, and the KM-60 was produced with the Roland product set being sold at that time in mind, so the Juno-60 is the perfect partner for it. Its a trackable mixer but this example has never been used that was so is completely unblemished…stunning.

In Summary:

The Juno 60, JSQ-60 and KM-60 are all sold through RL Music with a 3-month warranty and operate on EU/UK 220v~240v. 

Our client, the owner, also provided original printed copies of the Juno-60 Owners Manual and the JSQ-60 Owners Manual, although the latter shows some historic water damage to the paper. 

The Juno-60 and KM-60 use a hard-wired flex that terminates to a UK-style 3-pin plug. They are able to operate within the EU without any external power-regulation transformers, although your own country-type plug would need to be fitted. The JSQ-60 operated from a brand new 9V DC 1A external power supply (UK plug-type version).

Packing & Shipping:

We can ship Juno 60, JSQ-60 and KM-60 worldwide, although the packing, shipping & insurance costs are not included in the sale price below, so are subject to quotation.  There may be short delays in getting the packaging materials produced for shipping as they are custom-ordered for the specific dimensions of each instrument.  We are happy to discuss your requirements, so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics and/or need a quote.


Bundle Price for all two items is  = £3,990 GBP.

Individual Sales Price:

Roland Juno-60 = £3700

Roland JSQ-60 = £700

Availability: Juno 60 and JSQ-60 are available for sale now. The  KM-60 is now SOLD.

As this is a brokered sale, VAT is not applicable on the sale of any of these items to UK buyers. However, packing & shipping/insurance is subject to VAT @ 20% should you need the goods shipped to you.

Click on the thumbnail for a higher-resolution photo of the actual Juno 60, JSQ-60 and KM-60 for sale.