EMS Synthi AKS

Came into stock:  30th April 2013

Remarks: A fabulous opportunity to own your EMS Synthi AKS, and this one is an absolute beauty…like new condition but made in the mid-70s!

This example is in immaculate cosmetic condition, completely unmodified and 100% perfectly working. We have recently fully pro-restored this particular example (in march 2013), and sold it to a customer in France, but they have decided not to keep it as they prefer the VCS3 model so we have purchased it back from them.

These iconic and truly amazing pure analogue music instruments are in great demand by professional users, and prices are being driven up fast on the second-hand market around the world, so now might be a good time to invest in one before they become ‘Vintage Buchla or Moog Modular’ prices.

This EMS Synthi AKS has a full compliment of Matrix pins, power & KS inter-connect cable and operates on EU 220V or US 110V (switchable). This Synthi AKS will be sold with a 3 month warranty.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £10,000 UK Pounds.

Availability: This Synthi AKS is now SOLD as at 11th November 2013.

Pictures of actual instrument below

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Korg MS-03 Signal Pr...

Here’s a very useful vintage device to control your CV/Gate synths using audio.

This signal processor converts any audio signal input (synth, mic, guitar etc) into a synthesizer control voltage, trigger or gate output. Additionally, it has remote control functions and facilities like Portamento, which is pretty handy.

For some more info on the functionality, we found this useful link:


This Korg MS-03 is sold with a 3 month warranty and operates on US 110V. We are supplying a new step-down adaptor in the price so you can run it in the EU out of the box.

Price: £290 UK Pounds

Availability: This Korg MS-03 is now SOLD as at 12th October 2013.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Arp 2600 Mk3 + 3620

Came into stock: Due to arrive at RL Music in mid February 2013

Restoration Status: KSR to undergo complete restoration once we deliver to their workshop in February.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Should be ready by April 2013

Remarks: The Arp 2600 is among the very finest vintage modular synths ever made and equally the most sought after. Global availability of these Mk 3 models is very scare now so we’re very pleased to have this example available for sale.

The restoration work we will undertake on this Arp includes; complete re-Tolexing of the cabinets & lids. A full system overhaul which covers: PSU rebuild, calibration/testing and the case and all sockets/switches/sliders thoroughly cleaned & system-wide calibrations. Keyboard assembly deep-cleaned with new bushings fitted etc. We may fit a new 17 inch reverb tank to this as well, depending on the tank that’s already fitted in the synth – we’ll check that during the strip-down for restoration.

These RL Music prepared Arp 2600 are almost in ‘as-new’ condition to look at and play when finished.  We can spend over £2500 UKP just in restoration costs for these models (synth & keys).

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £9500 UKP

Availability: This Arp 2600 Mk3 is now SOLD as at 5th April 2013.


Roland System 700

Roland System 700 Lab Series Modular

This item is awaiting delivery to RL Music from the EU for restoration to commence

Came into stock: ETA w/c 16th July 2012

Restoration Status: Going through Restoration

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End of October 2012

Remarks: Finally a System 700 becomes available and we snapped it up before the seller said “ are you interested.” A very rare opportunity to dial into the pure System 700 sound without having to spend £40K to do so. With a Kenton Pro-2000 you have a 3 note poly modular.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: Estimated at £7990 to £8500 UKP

Availability: The System 700 Lab is now Sold as at 11th August 2012