Arp 2600 + 1621 Sequ...

We are Brokering these vintage Arp instruments for and on behalf of our UK client.

Service Status: 

A full service was carried out by Jim McKenna of Singing Cat Services in May 2023.


We present a fabulous opportunity to own a stunning condition late production version Arp 2600 that comes partnered with its companion keyboard controller, the 3620. In addition, this beautiful 2600 is complete with the 1621 Sequencer. This iteration of 2600 represent the final production version, often referred to as the ‘Black & Orange,’ or 2601 v2.0 (possible v3.0)

This production version contains the post-lawsuit Moog 4072 style filter. This instrument is at least 43 years old (likely built in 1979).


Our client purchased this Arp 2600/3602 and 1621 Sequencer together brand new from Chase Music in Manchester on 16th January 1980 – we have the original sales receipt, although will not publish this as it contains personal data, but it will be provided to the buyer of this Arp combo. The provenance is therefore perfect for this 43+ year old equipment. 

Our client had assembled a modest & much valued vintage synth collection over the years, all of which we have the honour for selling for him as he has made the difficult decision to let these instruments pass to new owners/custodians. These beauty vintage Arp instruments have all been cherished, played & enjoyed only ever at home, during his 43 years of ownership.


As mentioned in the introduction, the Arp 2600 Synth, 3602 Keyboard and 1621 Sequencer, all went through a complete professional service by Jim McKenna Singing Cat Services in April/May 2023, as part of the pre-sale diligence in getting it ready for sale and be in top operational condition for the new owner. We have been provided with a service report against the works carried out at Singing Cat Services, so please clock the link below so you can open up the PDF:

Singing Cat Services Service Report – Arp 2600 & 3620 #2602/0208 PDF.

Singing Cat Services Service Report – Arp 1621 Sequencer #1621-01121 PDF.

Also, our client had James Walker at Synth Repair Services carry out a minor service service on the 2600 on 18th April 2016. We have the original receipt so will provide this to the new owner pos-sale but again, we will not publish this online as it contains personal data,


We consider all three instructs to be in outstanding condition, stunning, but you can decide yourself by looking at the pictures below. As province goes it does not get any better than a single owner instruments, and they are all 100% completely original machines, so no mods, so true survivors and highly collectable like this.

The Tolex covering on both the synth and keyboard is in exception condition with only some tine blemishes in places, and the nick plated fixtures and fitting are all present and have the expect patine for an instrument of this age. The console surfaces for both instruments is exemplary and all the original control knobs and slider caps are present.

The 1621 Sequencer is also in absolutely top cosmetic condition, probably the very best example we have seen, and is also equipped with all it’s original slider caps and program buttons, which are so bright and white they look like new!


Our client had retained all the original documents since he purchased the Arp in 1980, so the following documents will be provided with the synth post-sale (see picture below):

For 2600 & 3620:

Arp 2600 Owners Manual (dated 1971) 

Arp 3620 Keyboard Owners Manual (dated 1977) 

Chase Musicians – Original Sales Receipt from 6th January 1981 (held off-line)

Magazine article/review on the 2600

For 1621 Sequencer:

Arp Sequencer Owners Manual (dated 1975)

Arp Promotional Colour Brochure (period produced)

Chase Musicians – Original Sales Receipt from 6th January 1981 (held off-line)

Synth Repair Services – Service receipt from 18th April 2016 (held off-line)

Accessories Included:

Included with the sale of the Arp 2600 & 1621 Sequencer is an assortment of cables, 12 in all of differing lengths, which will get you started with you patching. The only proviso on these OE cables are that they are at least 43years old so may not be reliable. We do not cover these parts under any warranty against defects, so we would recommend you purchase some new 3.5mm cables for a more reliable operation as we consider these parts as consumables in real terms.

In addition to the patching cables,  there are 2 foot-pedals included, one is an OE Arp pedal and the other is a third-party device. As with the cables, we do not cover these items under warranty but they are included within the sale as a courtesy.


As this Arp 2600 3260 & 1621 Sequencer were serviced in May this year, so all items does not need any further attention, but as part of our post-sale process, we will ask Kent Spong at KSR to carry out a health-check on the Arps once the sale has completed.  This will add a couple of weeks to the post-sale timeline.

Both the Arp 2600 & 1621 Sequencer operate on EU220V~UK240V. The 2600 comes with a proprietary power-cable that has a UK type plug fitted to it and the sequencer is supplied with a UK tyre IEC cable.  

Packing & Shipping: 

We can ship this Arp combo worldwide, although the packing, shipping & insurance costs are not included in the sale price below, so are subject to quotation.  There may be some short delays in getting the packaging materials produced for shipping as they are custom ordered for the specific dimensions of each instrument.  You are also welcome to collect the equipment from us in Reading.

We are happy to discuss your requirements so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics and/or need a quote.

Sales Price: 

£15,690 GBP

As this is a brokered sale, VAT is not applicable on the sale of this Arp combo to UK buyers, however, packing & shipping/insurance is subject to VAT @ 20% should you need the goods shipped to you.


This Arp 2600, 3260 Keys & 1621 Sequencer are both SOLD.  This listing was updated on 8th November 2023 @ 10:39 GMT.

Click on the thumbnail for a higher resolution photo of the actual vintage Arp instruments for sale.  If you require specific pictures not already featured of the instrument then please contact us so we can try and accommodate your request but there may be a short delay in getting this done for you as the instrument is currently in secure storage.