Arp Omni Mk2 #2471

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client.

Service Status: 

A full service was carried out by Jim McKenna of Singing Cat Services in May 2023.


The Omni Mk2 has becomes a difficult instrument to find in 2023, and to reveal one that’s in such beautiful condition as this example is, has to be a very rare opportunity. 


Our client purchased this Arp Omni Mk2 new from Chase Music in Manchester on 3rd September 1980 – we have the original sales receipt, although will not publish this as it contains personal data, but it will be provided to the buyer of this Arp. The provenance is therefore perfect for this 43+ year old Omni Mk2, 

Our client had assembled a modest & much valued vintage synth collection over the years, all of which we have the honour for selling for him as he has made the difficult decision to let these instruments pass to new owners/custodians. The Arp Omni Mk2 has been cherished, played & enjoyed only ever at home, during his 43 years of ownership.


As mentioned in the introduction, this Omni Mk2, went through a complete professional service by Jim McKenna Singing Cat Services in May 2023, as part of the pre-sale diligence in getting it ready for sale and in top operational condition for the new owner. We have been provided with a service report against the works carried out at Singing Cat Services, so please clock the link below so you can open up the PDF:

Singing Cat Services Serve Report – Arp Omni Mk2 #2471 PDF.

Also, our client had James Walker at Synth Repair Services carry out a service on the Omni Mk2 on 20th February 2008. We have the original receipt so will provide this to the new owner pos-sale but again, we will not publish this online as it contains personal data,


Well, we would rate this as excellent condition, but you can decide yourself by looking at the pictures below. The final production date of the Arp Omni Mk2 was in 1981, so this example may be 46 years old, and it’s a completely original machine, so no mods, a true survivor and highly collectable like this.


Our client had retained all the original documents since he purchased the Arp in 1980, so the following documents will be provided with the synth (see picture below):

Arp Omni-2 Owners Manual  Operation Manual (dated 1978) with also includes schematics and some service notes on how to calibrate it.

Arp Omni-2 User Patch-book 

Arp Omni-2 Promotional 33 1/3 Stereo Record

London Synthesiser Centre – Sticker 

Chase Musicians – Original Sales Receipt (held off-line)

Synth Repair Services – Service receipt from 20th Feb 2008 (held off-line)


As this Arp Omni was recently serviced in May this year, the synth does not need any further attention, but as part of our post-sale process, we will ask Kent Spong at KSR to carry out a health-check on the Arp once the sale has completed.  This will add a couple of weeks to the post-sale timeline.

This Arp Omni Mk2 operated on EU220V~UK240V, and has a UK type plug fitted to the power chord.  

Packing & Shipping: 

We can ship this Arp worldwide, although the packing, shipping & insurance costs are not included in the sale price below, so are subject to quotation.  There may be some short delays in getting the packaging materials produced for shipping as they are custom ordered for the specific dimensions of each instrument.  You are also welcome to collect the Omni Mk2 from us in Reading.

We are happy to discuss your requirements so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics and/or need a quote.

Sales Price: 

£2,400 GBP

As this is a brokered sale, VAT is not applicable on the sale of this Arp Omni Mk2 to UK buyers, however, packing & shipping/insurance is subject to VAT @ 20% should you need the goods shipped to you.


This Arp Omni Mk2 is available for sale now.

Click on the thumbnail for a higher resolution photo of the actual Arp Omni Mk2 for sale.  If you require specific pictures not already featured of the instrument then please contact us so we can try and accommodate your request but there may be a short delay in getting this done for you as the instrument is currently in secure storage.