Korg PS3100

It’s been quite a while since we have one of these wonderful synths in stock and we managed to find this from a UK seller who had owned it for some 20 years. They had not used for most of that time so stored it safely. That’s a good thing in some respects as it’s completely original and untampered with so a solid base to start the restoration from.

Our restoration work on this instrument started in August 2012 with a complete strip-down by KSR and the old (worn out) cabinet being taken up to Ross Lamond, of Lamond Design. We commissioned Ross to hand-build a replacement solid Walnut cabinet (no expense spared) and the results have been sublime. In the meantime, Kent at KSR spent around 6 weeks meticulously overhauling the synth so that, once the hand-made cabinet had arrived, he could marry the electronics & Walnut enclosure together and go through final testing etc.

This was a detailed and time consuming restoration but the results speak for themselves. The synth works beautifully and looks like new.

The PS3100 is a fully polyphonic synthesizer that uses divide-down technology to great effect. Much has been written about it’s fabled Resonator but it’s much more than just about that. Features such an ensemble, temperament adjust for each Oscillator and being semi-modular as well makes this a powerful instrument, and In skilled hands this is a very creative tool indeed. The PS3100 has to be one of the most wonderfully ambient & rich sounding polyphonic synths ever made.

This Korg PS3100 is sold with a 3 month warranty and can operate on EU 220V & US 110V.

Price: £5500 UK Pounds

Availability: This Korg PS3100 is now SOLD as at 21st July 2014.

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