Roland SH-3A

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client.

Service Status: 

A full service was carried out by Kent Spong at KSR Services in October 2023.


Roland started producing some really unique synthesizers in the mid 1970s, and they were built to a very high standard and certainly have lasted. The SH-3A was conceived as a portable full function analogue synth that had bags of charter and shared much of the same architecture & functionality from the SH-5, SH-7 and even the System 100 etc, so we think this represents excellent value for money.


Our client purchased this Roland SH-3A new in 1975, so it’s a single owner machine that’s been in their possession for just shy of 50 years, and only ever been used in a home environment.  This is a UK model, so 220~240v, and is hard-wired with a UK 3-pin plug which is stored in the compartment within the flight-case in the underside of the synth.


As mentioned above, Kent at KSR has just going the SH-3A a full service, so it’s perfectly working and sounding like a SH-3A should, and he commented that the synth is in beautiful condition inside and out.


We rate this as in excellent all original condition, unmodified and complete with its music stand, lid and original owner manual, so very much a collectors grade instrument, that’s ready to play.


Although we don’t have the original sale receipt from 1975, the synth does come with its original user manual.

Packing & Shipping: 

We can ship this SH-3A worldwide, although the packing, shipping & insurance costs are not included in the sale price below, so are subject to quotation.  There may be some short delays in getting the packaging materials produced for shipping as they are custom ordered for the specific dimensions of each instrument.  You are also welcome to collect the SH-3A from us in Reading.

We are happy to discuss your requirements so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics and/or need a quote.

Sales Price: 

£1,050 GBP

As this is a brokered sale, VAT is not applicable on the sale of this SH-3A to UK buyers, however, packing & shipping/insurance is subject to VAT @ 20% should you need the goods shipped to you.


This Roland SH-3A is available for sale now.

Click on the thumbnails for a higher resolution photo of the actual SH-3A for sale.  These two images are supplied by our client pre-servicing but we will be organising some more pictures shortly, so we’ll update the  listing with these once ready.

If you require specific pictures not already featured of the instrument then please contact us so we can try and accommodate your request but there may be a short delay in getting this done for you as the instrument is currently in secure storage.


Arp Axxe

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client.

Came into stock: Available from RL Music as at 6th July 2018.

Servicing Status: A full service by KSR has already been carried out (late June 2018), so the Arp Axxe (model 2810) is available for sale now.

Remarks: We’re very pleased to be able to offer this truly outstanding condition example of a super little vintage synth.

This Arp Axxe forms part of a larger collection of vintage synths that we are brokering as part of an Estate clearance. The owner of this Axxe had this beautiful synthesizer maintained with no expense spared, and at some time in the last 10 years they had ALL the sliders replaced with new original Arp stock (NOS), so this synth literally feels and plays like brand new..amazing!

Cosmetically, this 37-year-old vintage analogue instrument is in near pristine condition and we would rate this as a Collector Grade – 9.8 out of 10. As mentioned above, KSR has only just fully serviced it, so it’s 100% perfect operationally – this is a real keeper!

The (last produced in 1981) the Arp Axxe was a budget version of its more sophisticated sibling, the Odyssey, but still packs all of that beautiful Arp tone that they are famous for, utilising the Arp 4075 discrete four-pole 24dB lowpass filter. It has CV/Gate/Trig/Filter/Audio/Pedal I/O along the back-plane of the synth.

This Arp Axxe operates on EU 220V. We do have the original user manual for this (pictured) which is included in the sale. As the instrument is being Brokered through RL Music, it will be sold with a full 3-month warranty and we can ship worldwide.

Demos are available by appointment only.

Price: £680 GBP.

Availability: This Arp Axxe is now SOLD, as at 22nd November 2018.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of the actual Arp Axxe for sale.


Roland Jupiter 8

We are very delighted to present our forthcoming immaculate & fully restored Jupiter 8 (14 bit) which we are confident to say, will be the best condition example for sale in the world.

Came into stock: June 2017

Servicing Status: ‘Total Restoration’ currently underway by KSR & other service partners.

Remarks: We’re delighted to be able to offer what we consider to be one of the finest analogue polysynths ever produced – the Roland Jupiter 8. This JP8 is currently going through to an extensive ground-up restoration and will be immaculate both cosmetically and electronically. We have also supplied & are having fitted, a brand new Kenton MIDI retro-fit kit to this machine, so this JP8 also has significant MIDI control access via Sysex.

For more info on the Kenton MIDI kit functionality then please click the following link:

As many of you will know, we occasionally undertake a special project restoration work for these models that covered extensive operational and cosmetic restoration to bring them up to the highest possible standard, we term this ‘Total Restoration.’

The Total Restoration work produces an almost factory new looking machine as all the metal the panels have been stripped and re-sprayed & screen-printed, and the aluminium end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics have been completely overhauled by KSR, key-bed refurbished and even a brand new new perspex display etc.

This is the highest level restoration we can offer for these wonderful vintage synthesizers, costing over £2500 to implement. With eBay prices for average condition examples (not restored) sitting between £7300 to £8000 GBP from sources around the world, you can appreciate the difference in value to what we are offering here.

RL Music has developed this highly specialised treatment for the Jupiter 8 as professionally prepared instruments of this standard are in such high demand from customers with ultra-high expectations of quality. You will not find any other business around the world offering anything close this level of restoration for an historic/vintage synthesizer.

We purchased this Jupiter 8 from a UK owner who had owner it from new, and it had resided in the owners UK home studio, and although it played perfectly, it was showing signs of natural wear to the control surfaces, hence we decided to give it the full TR treatment.

This Jupiter 8 is a 14 bit version (serial #242xxx) and as mentioned, has been retro-fitted with a brand new Kenton MIDI kit. It is a EU/UK 220V system. We will also supply a PDF copy of the owners manual.

The Jupiter 8 is a professional grade historic/vintage instrument. This is a, A++ Collector Grade example that’s going to be highly sought after, especially because it is an RL Music restored & supplied instrument. This is a truly beautiful synthesizer to own and play, plus is also has very strong investment potential, so if you have been holding back for the right JP8 to come along then we recommend this one to you.

Sold with our extended-TR RL Music 6 month return-to-dealer warranty (all parts and labour covered), plus 12 months free telephone phone/Skype support from KSR

The Total Restoration work takes about 3 months to complete, and we are about mid way through the process at the moment (as at 3rd July 2017), so we estimate this Jupiter 8 being ready in around 6 weeks time.

Price: £POA* – This Jupiter is is now SOLD on deposit as 18:44 on 3rd July 2017.

*To avoid skewing the second hand market prices (eBay or Reverb etc.) with this unique opportunity, we’ve left this as a POA only.

Availability: This Total Restoration Roland Jupiter 8 can be reserved on deposit (20%) now please call or email for out price guide for this instrument.

Sample picture of the last TR JP8 sold below – more pictures to follow once the restoration work has been completed.



We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer

Came into stock: 5th December 2014

Restoration Status: KSR to service once sold, and prior to shipping to the new owner.

Remarks: We are delighted to offer this excellent condition, late model with factory fitted MIDI – OSCar Synthesizer.

This particular example has been very well cared for throughout its life, and we know that it has been regularly serviced by KSR and The SynthProf in the UK over the last few years, so it’s in top condition. This OSCar has been used in numerous video game soundtracks and sound design projects – all home studio based.

The serial number on this OSCar is 0821.

The OSCar is an incredible synth and offers a huge array of on-board facilities, with a unique and powerful sound. There are plenty of sources on the internet that wax lyrical about this great synth, but Paul Wiffen wrote an excellent review for SOS magazine back in 1999 that’s worth a read. The link to that article is here:

The operational condition of this particular example is perfect, although we will service the synth again prior to handing over to the new owner. The cosmetic condition is also superb, so this can be considered a ‘collector-grade’ instrument.

As with all Brokered Sales, the synth will be fully serviced & deep cleaned post-sale before it’s sent to its new owner. We do this to ensure that the instrument leaves us in perfect operational condition, and it is backed up by our full warranty to give the new owner complete peace of mind. The servicing is carried out as a priority once the the sale has been completed, and although it will delay shipping/delivery by a short time, we know from experience that customers are happy to wait.

This OSCar is sold through RL Music with a 3 month warranty, operates on EU 220V. Also, a high quality PDF copy of the user manual will be supplied with the synth.

Price Post-Servicing: £2590 GBP.

Availability: This OSCar is now SOLD as at 11th December 2014.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth (customer supplied).



Roland SH101

Came into stock: Due at RL Music 19th July 2013

Restoration Status: KSR will undertake full restoration once in receipt of instrument on 19th July.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): July 2013

Remarks: The SH101 still rocks, looks very cool, sounds funky and fresh, takes up no room and is the ultimate portable vintage analogue synth & synth-axe.

KSR will just completely strip and clean this example and fully overhaul all the operational components, including the key-bed, so it will looks superb and play perfectly.

The SH101 is sold with a 3 month warranty from RL Music and comes with it’s original external power supply, Mod-grip, Strap and owners manual.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £850 GBP.

Availability: This SH101 is now SOLD as at 21st August 2013.

Library image below, higher resolution images will become available post-restoration.


Roland SH101 FREE Gi...

To celebrate the relaunch of RL Music in our milestone 10th anniversary, we have sweetened the news with the announcement that we’re running a free competition for all you synth fans out there.

I had originally wanted to hold and raffle style competition to sell tickets and raise funds to offer a high value prize and donate 40% of the proceeds to charity (did you see the RL Music Facebook post about that?). Alas, UK lottery & competition laws expressly prohibit me from doing that so….that’s that unfortunately.

The alternate way to get a really nice prize out to you all in the synth community was to offer one of my pro-restored synths for nothing….FREE! The Roland SH101 has a retail value to me of £695 UK Pounds and is a fantastic vintage analogue synth. I can just about afford to offer this great monosynth on a free competition basis and all I ask in return is the following:

If you sign up for the RL Music Newsletter (details in the footer on EVERY page on the RL Music website), then you’ll be registered for the competition.

Existing Newsletter registrants are automatically entered so there is no need to re-register..I have your details.

The SH101 give-away is open to everyone (world-wide) and the competition starts today – 3rd August 2012, and will remain open for registration until the 30th September 2012. A draw will take place on Sunday the 7th October to find the lucky winner.

The SH101 give-away competition includes all packing and shipping (fully insured) to the winner and the synth is supplied with a full 3 month warranty.

So, there you are..a professionally restored Roland SH101 vintage analogue synth for FREE, and you will also get our next newsletter in the post (printed edition) so a double whammy!

Good luck everyone and I hope you like the new RL Music website.

Richard Lawson
Founder & Proprietor of RL Music
RL Music


Roland SH101

A true workhorse synth and as popular today as it has even been since its introduction in 1983.