Crumar Stratus

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK Client.

Came into stock: Available from RL Music from February 2020.

Servicing Status: A health-check has been carried out by KSR but we will have it fully serviced as a priority once the sale has been completed.

Remarks: This is a rare instrument in 2020, and an unusual Organ/Strings combo that brings something different to the table at a time when the world was dominated by big Prophets, OBs and Jupiter polysynths in the early ’80s.

It’s a CEM based 6 note polyphonic analogue system that employs two DCOs that are then distributed through dived-down ICs.  This architecture would have been used to keep the costs down, so you can see the Stratus was aimed at the consumer market. It sounds really nice, warm and very vintage in character, and is still very affordable today.

As you can see from the pictures below, the cosmetic condition of the panels and faux wood are excellent on this 35-year-old machine, and the Stratus still has its original gig-bag and three overlays. There are some small marks to a couple of the key-tops and minor scuffs here and there, but we think you will agree, it’s a fine example and certainly the best condition Stratus we have ever seen.

We think the Stratus is cool and a low-cost way of reaching into that vintage sound, that early ‘80s electronica vibe, and offers musicians something different socially when the current generation of cheap synths are all sounding the same in a world that is full of replicants.  

This Stratus is sold through RL Music with a 3-month warranty and can be shipped worldwide. The synth operates on EU 220V via an IEC socket, power-cable supplied (UK plug fitted).

Demos are available by appointment only.

Packing & Shipping: We can ship this worldwide, although the packing & shipping cost is not included in the sale price below, and is subject to quotation.  We are happy to discuss your requirements so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics.

Update – 4th November 2021:

This Crumar Stratus has been in storage for a while now so will need a proper check by our tech, and may need some service-related work carried out before we can ship it.  As this is a Brokered sale and not our own instrument, we would need to apply a charge to service the unit for the buyer, so please bear this in mind if ordering the Stratus.  If you would like to understand the potential costs of servicing then it’s best to contact us directly to talk it through.  In addition, any servicing work will add up to 14 days on top of the time it will take between the sale and being able to get it ready for shipping or collection.

Price: £750 GBP.

Availability: This Crumar Stratus is available for sale now!

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of the actual Stratus for sale.


Roland VP330 Plus

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music on 17th May 2018.

Servicing Status: A full assessment was by KSR carried out on 11th May – a full service by KSR will commence post-sale.

Remarks: An immaculate condition example of the final production version of the iconic Roland VP330 Vocoder PLus.

The VP330 was always loved for the rich analogue strings and alone make this instrument worth having, but the vocoder section with the external mic & synth inputs, can deliver some very exciting voicing effects and timbres & triggering etc. The VP330 has been used by Vangelis (Blade Runner) to William Orbit and many contemporary artists, so it has a long and distinguished history of use.

Our client has owned this VP330 Vocoder PLus since 1987 and it has been in regular use, and serviced regularly, during their 31 years of ownership. Cosmetically, this 35+ year-old vintage Roland is in truly fantastic condition and we would rate this as a Collector Grade – 9.5 out of 10. The main control surfaces are all still looking fresh, with and all the controls intact. The faux wood cabinet is in excellent condition also.

Our own vintage synth restorers – KSR, have very recently fully health-checked the synth as part of the pre-Brokering assessment, so we’re happy it’s fully operational, with all functions/control working smoothly and as you would expect, but the VP330 Plus will be fully serviced post-sale.

This VP330 Vocoder PLus operates on EU 220V and is supplied with the user manuals in PDF format. As the instrument is being Brokered through RL Music, it will be sold with a full 3-month warranty and can be shipped worldwide.

Demos are available by appointment only.

As with all Brokered Sales, the synth will be fully serviced post-sale before it’s sent to its new owner. We do this to ensure that the instrument leaves us in perfect operational condition, and it is backed up by our full warranty to give the new owner complete peace of mind. The servicing is carried out as a priority once the sale has been completed, and although it will delay shipping/delivery by a short time, we know from experience that customers are happy to wait.

Price: £2600 GBP.

Availability: This VP330 Vocoder Plus is now SOLD as at 29th May 2018.

Pictures of the actual synth below.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth for sale.


Farfisa Polychrome

We are Brokering this Polychrome for, and on behalf of, a long standing UK customer

Came into stock: In Stock and available – 29th April 2013.

Restoration Status: Recently fully serviced (2012) but KSR to service once sold & prior to shipping to new owner.

Remarks: An ultra-rare instrument from the Italian Farfisa company from 1978 – the Polychrome. It’s a combo synth/strings/organ/vocal, and percussive instrument, that is not like anything coming out of USA or Japan at that time (Korg Trident/Arp Quadra etc). There are believed to be only a couple of hundred ever made, so certainly rare.

Fully polyphonic using octave-divider technology, and features an inbuilt analogue Phaser and Ensemble for effects. Particular fame was the chorus section, which many comment as being the most beautiful sounding of all analog synths from these era and reason enough to want to own one.

Another great feature of the keyboard is what Farfisa call the “Touch Brilliance” operation. This provides 3 aftertouch settings to control the Chorus Section and all the tone colours for; Electric Guitar, Brass, Reed and Strings. It’s a nice ‘Touch’ so to speak and offers a level of playable control that really makes this instrument sing.

The keyboard is supplied with its original Farfisa Carry Bag, legs and music stand….very nice!

This particular example is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures, and was very recently fully overhauled, so in 100% perfect operational condition. We will ask KSR to go over the instrument for a final check prior to shipping to its new owner, once sold/

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £2500 GBP. ***PRICE REDUCTION***

Availability: This Polychrome is now SOLD as at 10th October 2013.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos (customer supplied).


Yamaha SK30

This item is due in Stock

Came into stock: Due at RL Music 16th December 2012

Restoration Status: KSR will undergoing full restoration once in receipt of instrument from RL Music (by w/c 17th December 2012)

ETR (estimated time from restoration): January 2013

Remarks: Another really rare find which is in great condition, and a pretty serious piece of kit from the amazing Yamaha CS series on the 70s.

The SK30 is a 7 voice Polysynth that also featured Organ and String section – a Combo Synth. A feature rich synth of it day, with aftertouch as well for modulation options – it’s Yamaha’s answer to the Moog Opus 3 or Arp Quadra. Much of the technology, design and layout is shared with all the other ‘CS’ series of that time including the CS70M etc. The Polysynth is pretty punchy and the distinctive ‘CS’ resonant filter makes this a unique sounding instrument….al la CS50/60/80.

This SK30 operates on EU 220V.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £845 UK Pounds

Availability: This SK30 is now SOLD as at 9th November 2013.