Yamaha DX5

We are Brokering this Yamaha DX5 for, and on behalf of, a long standing UK customer

Came into stock: In stock and available – 16th May 2013.

Restoration Status: Recently fully serviced in Q1 2013.

Remarks: The DX5 packs some serious bi-timbric synthesis power, and even by todays standards is a serious pice of kit, and sounds massive!

Operationally speaking, the DX5 is very close to the mighty DX1 but without the real estate and some performance features, which means it’s affordable for most people. This was Yamaha’s intention when it was released in 1985 as a professional grade instrument.

These models are quite hard to find these days in anything approaching decent condition so when our customer purchased this example he was after something at the top end of the quality scale.

From the customer supplied pictures you can see that this DX5 is in amazing condition, and it’s supplied with two ROM Cartridges.

This particular example was very recently fully serviced by KSR so in 100% perfect operational condition. Runs US 110V & EU 220V Voltage.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £750 GBP.

Availability: This DX5 is now SOLD as at 20th May 2013

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Ensoniq VFX-SD

Came into stock:  April 2013

Servicing Status: Currently being serviced by KSR

ETR (estimated time from restoration): May 2013.

Remarks: The evolution of the Ensoniq Synthesizers from the ESQ-1 developed strongly into the VFX, which uses wavetable synthesis – like the PPG et al.

This model was a powerhouse of synth technology and even featured polyphonic aftertouch, inbuilt effects and 21 note polyphonic keyboard. Even by todays standards that’s impressive, although poly AT is exceptional!

Even if you don’t use the fantastic synth for its sounds (and why wouldn’t you?), you still have an excellent MIDI keyboard controller for your soft-synths, and it transmits Poly AT & velocity.

Operates on EU 220V and sold with a 3 month warranty.

Guide Price Servicing: £590 GBP

Availability: This Ensoniq VFX-SD is now SOLD as at 31st July 2013.


Access Virus B

Came into stock: Due end of January 2013

Restoration Status: Awaiting servicing by KSR for early February.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): February 2013.

Remarks: It is amazing to think it’s been over 14 years since their arrival to the synth market, and a fine reputation Access has built for HQ analogue modeled synths. The Virus B is a fantastic synth by modern standards, with 24 voice Polyphony and 3 VCO per voice etc – powerful stuff & a lot of synth for the money.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £490 UKP

Availability: This Access Virus B is now SOLD as at 15th February 2013



This item is in Stock

Came into stock: November 2012

Restoration Status: Currently Being restored by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): December 2012

Remarks: Arguably one of the most sought after synthesizers in the world and we rarely have these in stock.

We have this beautiful condition VCS3 Mk2 going through restoration that has come from an film score composers collection. We’re not permitted to say who owned it but it’s been used in quite a few scores over the last 20 years. The condition of all the control surfaces is superb with only the cabinet needing some light restorative work by KSR. The whole system will be fully overhauled prior to sale although it’s been very well maintained and looked after over the years by professionals, for a professional.

Being a Mk2 it has the Prestopatch fitted and has silver anodised aluminum panels and coloured ‘Cliff’ control knobs. The EMS has a full compliment of Matrix pins and currently operates on US 110V. We can convert this to EU voltage depending on the buyers requirements.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £9990 UK Pounds

Availability: This synth is now SOLD as at 29th November 2012



Sequential Circuits Inc, Pro-One

RL Music is delighted to present for you our superb condition Pro-One from the classic Sequential Circuits family.

We purchased this particular Pro-One back from a RL Music customer whom we sold the synth to about 7 years ago so we know all about the condition already as it was pro-restored in 2005.

The Pro-One is a superb mono-synth, utilising CEM chip technology like her bigger brother, the Prophet 5. A really great sounding vintage analogue synth and very flexible modulation routing capability and wonderful built in arpeggio & 40 note sequencer.

This truly excellent condition example has just been fully serviced, thoroughly cleaned and calibrated by KSR, and is being sold with a full 3 month warranty.

Supplied the owners manual (PDF) and operates on EU voltage – 220V

Price = SOLD 27th July

Availability = No Longer Available

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