Roland System 700

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our client

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music on 17th March 2019

Restoration Status: KSR to service once sold, and prior to shipping to the new owner.

We are both delighted and honoured to be able to offer the Roland System 700 Block 1 (Main Console) and Block 2 (Keyboard Controller) for sale.

We probably don’t need to make much in terms of introduction here, but with there only believed to be around 40 full System 700 ever made, then you will appreciate this instrument was scarce even when it was in manufactured during the period of 8 years from 1976. Over the years, the systems were broken up, and/or perhaps Roland only supplied partial systems to buyers back in the 1970s, but it’s not uncommon to see partial systems coming up for sale, like the one we are offering here.

As electronic musical instruments go, this is considered by many to be the Holy Grail of synthesizers, and is without any doubt, amongst the very best designed and built analogue modular synthesizers ever made. It’s not for us to sell the virtues of such an outstanding instrument as the worlds most accomplished synthesists have shown the capability of these beautiful creations, so we will just talk here about this particular instrument that’s available for sale.


This System 700 has been in our client’s ownership for only a few short years, and they had purchased it from a very respected analogue synth collector in the EU. Any provenance prior to this is unknown, but like most System 700 we see, these Blocks have been extremely well cared for and maintained.

Cosmetic Condition

Upon arrival at RL Music, we checked over the system and found it to be 100% intact with all the controls, ancillary hardware (including all lids), knobs, sliders caps, switches, keys, cable and serial plates etc., all to be present and correct.

The overall condition of the Tolex covering on each Block is excellent, with only 2 scuffs to note, that can be seen in photos below. The anodised control surfaces & screen print on each individual module to be superb, with only minimal wear…remarkable!

Operational Condition

We carried out a full assessment on the Blocks after they arrived here, so can confirm everything is working. The system will benefit from a minor service, which would include a full potentiometer/slider clean and calibration etc., and this will be included in the sales price.

A much higher level of ‘restoration’ can be undertaken, should any new owner decide that this is something they would like, for future proofing, so the best thing is to contact Richard here at RL Music to discuss your needs as a customised support package can be costed, including extended warranty.


This is a standard configured Block 1 – Main Console. here is a full configuration breakdown:

Block 1 – Main Console (sn: 730139)
This is the Heart of the System, and it contains all the basic modules necessary for a professional system. It has 3 x VCO, 1 x Low Pass VCF, 1 x LP/BP/HP VCF, 2 x VCA, 2 x LFO, 1 x Dual ADSR Envelope Generators, Noise, Ring Mod, Voltage Processor, S/H, Envelope Follower, Integrator (Lag Processor), 1 x Mixer, 2 X 5 multiples, Headphone Monitor Module, and an Output Module, which includes Stereo VU Meters, a six-position test-tone, Phase Shifter, Spring Reverb, and voltage controlled Panning. Most common module connections (power, cv, gate) are made internally for easier patching.

Block 2 – Keyboard Controller (sn: 780202):
The 61-key two-voice Keyboard with Portamento and Pitch-bend controls.

What does it sound like?
It sounds incredible, and can be huge or beautifully musical and subtle…like any quality modular system, but the System 700 has its own sound and unique character. Kent at KSR actually wrote a short track with the full System 700 we sold recently, just after he had completed the restoration work, so if you click the link below you can listen to the piece on his Soundcloud account:

The System 700 is a professional grade instrument, with a price tag to match back, even in the 1970s. The recent full System 700 we had available, sold for £70K GBP (February 2019). Recent specialist auction prices ( £110K GBP at VEMIA November 2017) show that these have risen very sharply in price. Demand has always been very high for anything System 700 related, either in the Lab Systems or separate Blocks being sold.

We are selling this Block 1 & 2 System 700 with a full 3-month warranty, and we will ship worldwide. A quote for custom packing (by us), shipping & insurance to get it to you will be produced upon request. Delivery by us (in person) is possible for most UK destinations – prices subject to address.

This beautiful synthesizer is currently set to operate on 220V, but it can be set internally to 110V if needed. We are not supplying any 1/4” jack audio cables with the sale, but the owner has printed off the original owners manual (red folder pictured), so that’s supplied with the system. We also have a high-quality version in PDF which we will include in the sale if needed.

This is one serious music machine and words simply can’t describe the power and potential for infinite sound creation possibilities. There is such a lot to say about this legendary and beautiful modular system but we just haven’t enough room here on our website so please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

Price: £40,000. GBP

Availability: This Roland System 700 Block 1 & 2 is now SOLD, as at 23rd March 2019.

Click on the thumbnail for higher resolution photos of the actual System 700 Block 1 & 2 for sale.


Rhodes Chroma CC+

Came into stock:  January 2015

Restoration Status: KSR have completed the full restoration on this Rhodes Chroma CC+

It could be said that the Rhodes Chroma is an instrument that sits very much ‘on the fence’ of Analogue and Digital tech. The famous designer of this instrument had a moment of genius, whilst at the same time was watching the company fold, but somehow the magic came right with a truly superb sounding vintage synth, and thank goodness!

The Chroma was the last synthesizer ever designed by  Phillip Dodd’s at Arp, just before Arp went into bankruptcy. There’s a sonic-soul to the synth that’s distinctly Arp in nature, and we alway’s felt the “Rhodes” banner confused the identity of this instrument somewhat, although without CBS/Fender, the Chroma would never have made ti to market or course.

This particular example came to us from a long-time customer in France, who is a Music professional/studio owner. The synth needed a full overhaul, which KSR have meticulously carried out, and additionally, treated all the cosmetics, like the wood cabinet and other surfaces, although this Chroma’s front-panel does show signs of wear. We have included 2 pictures that clearly show the discoloration and a small crack in the plastic control-surface panel – for full disclosure. This means we would rate this Chroma as an excellent overall condition studio synth, but not collector grade.

KSR, our vintage synth restorers, have gone through the entire system in great depth on the Chroma to ensure everything is 100% perfect operationally. They have also fitted a ancillary 5 volt PSU to the system thus providing rock solid stability for the CPU and other critical functions of the Chroma system etc., and removes the need to replace the original main-system PSU.

Additionally, we have also purchased/installed the superb CC+ CPU upgrade. thus bringing the Chroma right up to date in every aspect of the systems operation and MIDI functionality. This upgrade is not cheap but offers a very high quality upgrade path securing the synths place in a modern studio environment, plus the obvious future resale value being increased significantly.

Please click here to find out all about the CC+ CPU Upgrade

The Chroma is a very well loved and supported vintage model within the synth community. Chris Ryan has an excellent website dedicated to the model which has been a, excellent source of knowledge and support generally:

This Rhodes Chroma is sold with a 3 month warranty and operates on EU 220V. Supplied with the synth is the CC+ MIDI break-out-box.

Price: £5990 UK Pounds

Availability: This Rhodes Chroma CC+ is now SOLD as at 17th April 2015

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual Rhodes Chroma CC+ for sale.