Rhodes Chroma CC+

Came into stock:  January 2015

Restoration Status: KSR have completed the full restoration on this Rhodes Chroma CC+

It could be said that the Rhodes Chroma is an instrument that sits very much ‘on the fence’ of Analogue and Digital tech. The famous designer of this instrument had a moment of genius, whilst at the same time was watching the company fold, but somehow the magic came right with a truly superb sounding vintage synth, and thank goodness!

The Chroma was the last synthesizer ever designed by  Phillip Dodd’s at Arp, just before Arp went into bankruptcy. There’s a sonic-soul to the synth that’s distinctly Arp in nature, and we alway’s felt the “Rhodes” banner confused the identity of this instrument somewhat, although without CBS/Fender, the Chroma would never have made ti to market or course.

This particular example came to us from a long-time customer in France, who is a Music professional/studio owner. The synth needed a full overhaul, which KSR have meticulously carried out, and additionally, treated all the cosmetics, like the wood cabinet and other surfaces, although this Chroma’s front-panel does show signs of wear. We have included 2 pictures that clearly show the discoloration and a small crack in the plastic control-surface panel – for full disclosure. This means we would rate this Chroma as an excellent overall condition studio synth, but not collector grade.

KSR, our vintage synth restorers, have gone through the entire system in great depth on the Chroma to ensure everything is 100% perfect operationally. They have also fitted a ancillary 5 volt PSU to the system thus providing rock solid stability for the CPU and other critical functions of the Chroma system etc., and removes the need to replace the original main-system PSU.

Additionally, we have also purchased/installed the superb CC+ CPU upgrade. thus bringing the Chroma right up to date in every aspect of the systems operation and MIDI functionality. This upgrade is not cheap but offers a very high quality upgrade path securing the synths place in a modern studio environment, plus the obvious future resale value being increased significantly.

Please click here to find out all about the CC+ CPU Upgrade

The Chroma is a very well loved and supported vintage model within the synth community. Chris Ryan has an excellent website dedicated to the model which has been a, excellent source of knowledge and support generally: rhodeschroma.com

This Rhodes Chroma is sold with a 3 month warranty and operates on EU 220V. Supplied with the synth is the CC+ MIDI break-out-box.

Price: £5990 UK Pounds

Availability: This Rhodes Chroma CC+ is now SOLD as at 17th April 2015

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