Korg MiniKorg-700S

What a utterly fantastic little gem of a synth this is and loved by many synth heads (like us). The MiniKorg 700S is by any standards an archaic synth, but it’s really rather special indeed and has been used by all the great synth bands, including the Human League (“listen to the voice of Buddha” etc.).

Plenty of stuff on the net about these wonderful old-school analogue synths, and we rate them very highly, with 10/10 for character and quirkiness and the same for the flexibility & quality of the wonderful analogue sound it produces.

This particular example is in almost as-new condition..stunning! We have had brand new Walnut end-cheecks made for it by Lamond Design, and the whole synth has been fully pro-restroed by KSR, so this is arguably the best condition example available for sale in the world right now.

Operates on EU 220V and sold with a 3 month warranty.

Guide Price: £1290 GBP

Availability: This Korg MiniKorg-700S is now SOLD as at 23rd April 2014.


Roland Dimension-D

Roland SDD-320 ‘Dimension-D’

We are offering a truly classic vintage effects for sale – the Dimension D

A brilliant and unsurpassed real-analogue chorus outboard effects that became legendary since its arrival in 1979, and is still a ‘must have’ pro-audio effects unit. The only drawback is trying to resist the temptation to use it on everything in a mix as it works so well with vocals, acoustic and electronic instruments alike.

The Dimension-D produces a chorus that is much more spatial and lacks typical pitch modulation problems. It achieves this through the use of dual sync’d delay lines that are driven by a trapezoidal LFO which is the key to avoiding warble. It has a true psychoacoustic quality that only Roland managed to capture so perfectly…over 33 years ago!

The condition of this rack unit is excellent.

Th SDD-320 runs on 110V voltage and works very happily on a small step-down transformer due to its tiny 8W power requirements.

We have purchased a brand new (UK spec/plug) step-down transformer – rated to 45W which is supplied free of charge with this unit.

The Dimension D was very recently serviced
& is sold with our full 3 month warranty

Price = £695 UK Pounds

Availability = This is now sold as at 25th September 2012

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