Arp 2600 & 3604-P

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer

Came into stock: August 2016.

Restoration Status: KSR have already fully undertaken a full overhaul of the Arp 2600 + 3604-P Keyboard ( completed in January 2017), so both items are ready for sale now.

Remarks: We have been given a unique opportunity here as this Arp 2600 + 3604-P Keyboard are owned by the son of the late Johnny Arbiter, who many of you will know, was the owner/operator (post 1990) of the famous Turnkey music retail business in London. Johnny died in 2003, and much of the collection of vintage keys that formed part of the Turnkey studio museum passed to his son, Dan Arbiter – our client.

We weren’t given a lot of detailed background information on this Arp 2600 System, but it was certainly in the Turnkey collection for some years (post 1990), although kept in storage since around 2005, hence our client had commissioned KSR to undertake a full systems-wide overhaul of both instruments, to prepare them for sale.

We’re confident that this version is a 2600P V3.0, manufactured between 1972 to 1974.

Features: Semi-normalised – 3 VCOs, 4 pole Lowpass VCF, VCA, Ring Modulator, 2 EGs, sample & hold Noise, Mic Preamp, Spring Reverb, Voltage Processor and Four Octave Keyboard….the list goes on.

Contains (see picture below):
Original Arp (Moog lawsuit) Filter for this model (encapsulated) 4012
VCOs are original (all encapsulated but no markings) will be Arp 4027-1
Ring Mod is 4014
VCA is 4019

Noted Modifications:

The LED modification on each VCO basically tracks the waveform pulse, so you have a visual reference on the speed of the oscillator, although at higher frequencies this LED becomes constant of course, but the lower the frequency then it’s actually quite useful, especially in darkened studio. The 1/4″ jack output modification about the pan-outs is just a mono-out socket, so handy if you want to take a mono signal straight out to a desk or outboard without needing an adaptor from the 3.5mm sockets.

Notes on the cosmetic condition:

The control surfaces/panels on the synth & keyboard are in very good original condition, so it was decided not to have these cosmetically restored, in order to keep them original. The Tolex covering and bright-work was in need of restoration (as is common on the old Arp systems), so KSR have re-covered both units, and replaced all the exterior nickel plated components. The Keys on the 3604-P were in good shape, so again, where kept original to retain that authentic vintage ageing across the key-bed.

Notes on the restoration:

Aside the re-Tolexing and replacement of the exterior bright work mentioned above, the operational restoration on the 2600 is extensive, and mostly all Arp 2600 systems we see these days need this level of attention to be honest. KSR have undertaken a complete ground-up rebuild of the electronics with full test and calibrations and PSU rebuild etc. Each and every slider was split apart, cleaned and rebuilt, every jack cleaned & tested, and a system-wide check of all connectors, and solder joints etc. Where possible, all the original parts were retained to ensure continuity and authenticity but some ageing components like power conditioning caps have been replaced, but only were absolutely necessary.

Around a £2000 GBP has been invested into this restoration, and most certainly worth with every penny, as a fully working Arp 2600 is still one of the best modular synths ever made, and as relevant to making music with today as it was 40+ years ago, with many pro-studios today using one as their ‘go-to synth.’

This vintage work of electronic art is now in fantastic condition throughout. It is supplied with its original paired monophonic 3604-P keyboard. Having the keyboard is useful but it has limited access to the extensive inputs into the main synth, so to get the most out of any Arp 2600 we would recommend using a multi-channel Midi to CV device like the Kenton Pro-2000…which we can supply but is not included in the price (ask us for a quote).

These instruments have become very hard to find in anything approaching even below average condition these days, so here is a rare opportunity to own a superb fully professionally restored example that will only appreciate in value and add something special to your studio. The provenance also adds something special to this system, so it’s genuinely part of synth lore.

This Arp 2600 + 3604-P Keyboard are sold with a 3 month warranty, and runs on EU220V. Both units come with their lids, and CV/Gate & Power cable. We are able to supply a copy of the user manual (PDF).

We can ship world-wide, so please ask us for a packaging & shipping quote for your preferred destination address.

Price: £7500 GBP.

Availability: This Arp 2600 + 3604-P Keyboard are now SOLD as at 6th February 2017.

Picture supplied below are of the actual Arp 2600 + 3604-P keyboard, but more high-res pictures will be available shortly.