Arp 2600

We are Brokering this Arp 2600 for and on behalf of our UK client.

Status: This item is in stock at RL Music.

Restoration Status: Full pre-sale service/health-check has just been completed by KSR, so the synth is available for sale now!

Remarks: Although these are not rare by some vintage synth standards, finding an Arp 2600 in anything approaching even good condition is a real challenge in 2016. This is why we invest such a lot of time, resources and money into getting them restored to the highest possible level that can be achieved – a FULL cosmetic and operational project restoration!

This sales listing is for an Arp 2600 synth only, so does not come with any keyboard controller. The actual version is a 2600P V3.0, manufactured between 1972 to 1974.

This Arp 2600 we are Brokering, was actually sold to the owner in 2013 by RL Music, so we are delighted to have the opportunity to re-sell such a fine example for our client.

Original Arp (Moog lawsuit) Filter for this model (encapsulated) 4012
VCOs are original (one is encapsulated) Arp 4027-1
VCA is 4019

The owner of this Arp is the highly respected EM artist, Paul Lawler ( Paul kindly gave us his permission to disclose who the owner was as he felt there was some value in the potential new owner knowing that this 2600 has been used on his recent Arcane and Contact albums. There are even some video’s of Paul using this actual Arp 2600 here:

The restoration work we invested into this Arp 2600 in 2013 was extensive (what we term Total Restoration).  The work included re-Tolexing the cabinet & lid, stripped the control-panel to bare metal and had it professionally repainted and screen-printed. We had all the sliders and sockets deep cleaned and the whole synth was electronically restored including a PSU rebuild/re-cap etc. We even fitted a full set of brand new slider caps to finish it off.

This ex-RL Music prepared Arp 2600 is over 40 years old, and is in excellent condition, and only shows only the lightest of wear from 3 years of studio use at Paul’s premises.  On average we spend around £3000 GBP just in restoration costs for these models (synth & keys), and this example we are Brokering has gone through the full restorative treatment only 3 years ago. So, if you have been looking to own a beautiful condition, and electronically sorted Arp 2600, then look no further.

As this Arp has no original 3620 or 3604-P keyboard controller, the 2600 can be very simply operated via a Midi-to-CV converter, or any 1V/Oct controller for that matter. Using a multi-channel MIDI-to-CV device like the Kenton Pro-2000 means 3 note polyphonic (or paraphonic in fact) operation is achievable.

This Arp 2600 is sold with a 3 month warranty and runs on EU220V (via an IEC socket retro-fitted to the synth in 2013 by KSR). A copy owners manual will be supplied (on PDF), and a UK IEC power-cable if required.

Price: £6490 GBP.

Availability: This Arp 2600 is no longer available (as at 29th July 2016).

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth for sale.