This item is in Stock

Came into stock: November 2012

Restoration Status: Currently Being restored by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): December 2012

Remarks: Arguably one of the most sought after synthesizers in the world and we rarely have these in stock.

We have this beautiful condition VCS3 Mk2 going through restoration that has come from an film score composers collection. We’re not permitted to say who owned it but it’s been used in quite a few scores over the last 20 years. The condition of all the control surfaces is superb with only the cabinet needing some light restorative work by KSR. The whole system will be fully overhauled prior to sale although it’s been very well maintained and looked after over the years by professionals, for a professional.

Being a Mk2 it has the Prestopatch fitted and has silver anodised aluminum panels and coloured ‘Cliff’ control knobs. The EMS has a full compliment of Matrix pins and currently operates on US 110V. We can convert this to EU voltage depending on the buyers requirements.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £9990 UK Pounds

Availability: This synth is now SOLD as at 29th November 2012


Yamaha SK30

This item is due in Stock

Came into stock: Due at RL Music 16th December 2012

Restoration Status: KSR will undergoing full restoration once in receipt of instrument from RL Music (by w/c 17th December 2012)

ETR (estimated time from restoration): January 2013

Remarks: Another really rare find which is in great condition, and a pretty serious piece of kit from the amazing Yamaha CS series on the 70s.

The SK30 is a 7 voice Polysynth that also featured Organ and String section – a Combo Synth. A feature rich synth of it day, with aftertouch as well for modulation options – it’s Yamaha’s answer to the Moog Opus 3 or Arp Quadra. Much of the technology, design and layout is shared with all the other ‘CS’ series of that time including the CS70M etc. The Polysynth is pretty punchy and the distinctive ‘CS’ resonant filter makes this a unique sounding instrument….al la CS50/60/80.

This SK30 operates on EU 220V.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £845 UK Pounds

Availability: This SK30 is now SOLD as at 9th November 2013.


Roland Jupiter 8

This item will soon be subject to restoration

Came into stock: Due to arrive at RL Music in Early December 2012

Restoration Status: Restoration by KSR will commence in December 2012.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): January 2013

Remarks: It’s great to have a Jupiter 8 back in stock and we are going to be subjecting this to our ‘Total Restoration’ cosmetic overhaul – so spending up to £2K in restoration alone!

Total Restoration means the panels will be stripped and re-sprayed & re-screen-printed and the end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics will be completely overhauled, key-bed refurbished, new perspex display etc. This is the highest level restoration we can offer for these wonderful synths and the finished machine will look & play like new.

This example is a 14 bit version. We are also offering a new Kenton MIDI kit to be fitted to this JP8, although the guide price below does not include that (supplied & fitted) option.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £6990 UK Pounds

Availability: This JP8 is now SOLD on deposit as at 18th December 2012


Yamaha SY-1

Yamaha SY-1

How about owning the first synthesizer model ever made by Yamaha (from 1974) – the SY-1.

A nice & completely original condition super funky (mono) preset synth that sounds very similar to the mighty GX-1 upper manual (3rd tier). Arguably the perfect partner for a CS80 as well, and did you know it was the very first synth used in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind (before the Arp 2500 in the later sequence)…a bit of trivia for you.

The architecture of the SY-1 is basically GX-1 tech and the distinctive resonant filters offer something quite different from the similar Roland or Korg present synths of the time. Lots of paddle-presets and even aftertouch with some useful real-time contour controls, like pitch attack (like the CS80). Its actually quite a little ballsy (btw – a different word for Phat) synth and very enjoyable to play….and look at.

A nice funky video by Kebu here: YouTube Preview Image

KSR have conducted a full operational service on this very rare synth so it plays perfectly.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on EU (220V) voltage.

Price = £550 UK Pounds

Availability = This synth is no SOLD – as at 15th December 2012

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Crumar Spirit

Crumar Spirit

We present for sale, an almost ‘as-new’ example of a truly wonderful instrument – an overlooked and hidden gem of a vintage synth.

The synth was designed in collaboration with Bob Moog , Jim Scott & Tom Rhea back in 1983 and is arguably the evolution of what the Minimoog Model D might have been, and is feature packed.

VSE provides some useful background and specs on the Crumar Spirit, plus a short video by david Morley here: http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/spirit.php

The immaculate & striking ‘blonde’ wood case is completely original so has not needed any restoration at all, but KSR have conducted a full operational service on this exemplarily condition example as a matter of course, even though it was pretty much perfect when we received it.

This is a collectors/museum condition instrument so represents a really special find and long-term investment if your thinking in these terms. The Spirit seems to have been overlooked by many as a high-end vintage analogue synth but once this oversight has been corrected then you will see this become highly sought after and prices rocket – mark our words!

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on EU (220V) voltage.

Price = £2890 UK Pounds

Availability = SOLD

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Roland Juno 60 VSE

Custom Roland Juno 60 – Very Special Edition (Black & White Versions)

Are you after the perfect Juno 60 – something very special?

We are delighted to announce that these ultra-high level custom finished Juno 60 have just been completed from their extensive restorations and are now available for sale.

The RL Music ‘RESTORATION’ page on this website actually features the project restoration of these two synths but here are the highlights about what has been done and invested into them:

In February 2012, KSR had totally disassembled 2 x Juno 60 to begin the project restoration.

>Brand new solid Oak cabinets were hand made by Lamond Design.

>Customsynth stripped and had both Juno repainted, one in black & the other in white – to RL Music specifications. The panels were then screen-printed using different graphic colours to complement the background finish.

>We purchased 2 x Minerva MIDI kits to go with both synths.

>KSR final assembly and fitting of MIDI kits PLUS full electronic overhaul and key-bed refurbishment, staining and hand finishing of wood cabinets and then 7 day soak-test.

>Total Custom Project Restoration time came to 6 months, involved 10 people in 8 different specialist businesses and cost £850 on each synth in restoration alone.

As you can see from the pictures, the results are fantastic and these instruments have been prepared to the very highest standard possible. The Minerva MIDI kits provide full SysEx control of the Juno and come pre-loaded with a full compliment of patches.

Due to the amount of time & effort and funds invested into both these special examples they are sold with a full 6 months warranty and both run on EU voltage (220V).

Price = £1950 GBP Each

Availability = White Version is now sold as at 31st August 2012

Availability = Black Version is now sold as at 16th September 2012

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Oberheim Xpander

This item is currently being restored

Came into stock: Aug 2012

Restoration Status: Awaiting restoration by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End October 2012

Remarks: Big & lush sounding vintage analogue polysynth these Xpanders, and you can carry it under your arm!

Seriously though, it’s a special synth and the example we have just bought is in really nice condition. The original owner had it for over 10 years but it’s been stored for the lat 5 so we’re having KSR undertake a full restoration on the synth.

The restoration work will include a full system overhaul, calibration & soak testing. The case, micro-switches & jack sockets will been deep cleaned plus the wood re-finished so it looks and works like new.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £2550 UK Pounds

Availability: Now Sold as at 30th August 2012



Late Minimoog (Serial No. 11414)

We present a most beautiful example of world’s most famous synthesizer which has been fully restored by our partners KSR.

We have here a late production model was one of the last few hundred to be manufactured, around 1980/81, which makes this a very stable in tuning and tracking – utilising the buffer-board (factory fitted) and late Moog VCOs…a players synth!

A note on the restoration:

On this particular example, we have had the original Moog cabinet re-finished by KSR and the results are pretty impressive. The wood has been stripped, stained and wax finished and shows beautiful character in the grain as you can see from the pictures.

Operationally speaking from the restoration standpoint, we do not change any electronic components that would compromise the integrity of the Moogs character. There might be some components that we will have prudently replaced due to age like but these are off-the-shelf components. The Keyboard is completely stripped and rebuilt with a full set of new bushings, all pots and switches cleaned, and the final calibration and test finishes of the restoration.

The aluminum real panel enclosure is completely original. We decided not to have the panel re-anodized as it contains some original Moog factory stickers that give this instrument complete authenticity. Restoration is a about balance, and although the cabinet is not the original brown varnished factory one, we think the work KSR have done does the synth great justice.

As you can see, the appearance of this professionally restored instrument is wonderful and the cabinet oozes a gorgeous vintage patina to the wood which makes the synth look wonderfully old-school…just as it should.

Considering the age, outstanding condition, and additional care taken in restoring this Minimoog, we are confident that she will see at least another 30 years of faithful operation. Being a Minimoog, this is naturally an excellent investment or everyday useable music instrument.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and can run either US or EU voltage through the power switch on the rear-panel.

Price: £3750 UK Pounds

Availability: This is now SOLD as at 20th November 2012

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Roland SH101 FREE Gi...

To celebrate the relaunch of RL Music in our milestone 10th anniversary, we have sweetened the news with the announcement that we’re running a free competition for all you synth fans out there.

I had originally wanted to hold and raffle style competition to sell tickets and raise funds to offer a high value prize and donate 40% of the proceeds to charity (did you see the RL Music Facebook post about that?). Alas, UK lottery & competition laws expressly prohibit me from doing that so….that’s that unfortunately.

The alternate way to get a really nice prize out to you all in the synth community was to offer one of my pro-restored synths for nothing….FREE! The Roland SH101 has a retail value to me of £695 UK Pounds and is a fantastic vintage analogue synth. I can just about afford to offer this great monosynth on a free competition basis and all I ask in return is the following:

If you sign up for the RL Music Newsletter (details in the footer on EVERY page on the RL Music website), then you’ll be registered for the competition.

Existing Newsletter registrants are automatically entered so there is no need to re-register..I have your details.

The SH101 give-away is open to everyone (world-wide) and the competition starts today – 3rd August 2012, and will remain open for registration until the 30th September 2012. A draw will take place on Sunday the 7th October to find the lucky winner.

The SH101 give-away competition includes all packing and shipping (fully insured) to the winner and the synth is supplied with a full 3 month warranty.

So, there you are..a professionally restored Roland SH101 vintage analogue synth for FREE, and you will also get our next newsletter in the post (printed edition) so a double whammy!

Good luck everyone and I hope you like the new RL Music website.

Richard Lawson
Founder & Proprietor of RL Music
RL Music


SCi Pro-One

This item is currently being restored

Came into stock: August 2012

Restoration Status: Awaiting complete restoration by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End September 2012

Remarks: Another fantastic condition Pro-One is getting ready for its next custodian and this one really is a keeper! Probably one of the fastest selling synths we ever get in stock, and if you own on already then YOU know why!

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £1250 UKP

Availability: Sold as at 10th September 2012


Restoration Anecdote...

Yamaha CS30L

Yamaha CS30L

We present this pristine condition flag-ship monosynth from the fabulous Yamaha CS series of Synthesizers.

An amazingly capable synth with an array of routing facilities and the excellent CS filters for really serious sound exploration. The CS30L is built into a beautifully factory made flight-case which probably explains why these models are always in such excellent condition. It’s heavy with it’s lid but once that’s stored and the synth up on a stand then it commands some respect from its sheer magnificence!

There are a number of essential inputs for control including CV/Gate & pedals etc. so you can hook her up easily to a Midi to CV converter. There is also an audio-in for running external signals through the synth which just adds up to is a beautifully thought out and well executed design. Additionally, there are separate audio-outs as well for routing internal sound set-ups through independent & shared channels.

This CS30L has only just been fully serviced and is sold with a 3 month warranty from RL Music. like most top condition ‘CS’ synths we have seen in the UK over the years, this CS30 run on 110V voltage and works very happily on a small step-down transformer due to its minimal 35W power requirements.

We have purchased a brand new (UK spec/plug) step-down transformer – rated to 45W which is supplied free of charge with this synth.

The case & panels condition are immaculate and we have not seen a better example. The original legs are not present, but most owners would have this instrument up on a keyboard stand to play.

Price: £1220 UK Pounds

Availability: This CS30L is now SOLD as at 26th March 2013

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Roland Dimension-D

Roland SDD-320 ‘Dimension-D’

We are offering a truly classic vintage effects for sale – the Dimension D

A brilliant and unsurpassed real-analogue chorus outboard effects that became legendary since its arrival in 1979, and is still a ‘must have’ pro-audio effects unit. The only drawback is trying to resist the temptation to use it on everything in a mix as it works so well with vocals, acoustic and electronic instruments alike.

The Dimension-D produces a chorus that is much more spatial and lacks typical pitch modulation problems. It achieves this through the use of dual sync’d delay lines that are driven by a trapezoidal LFO which is the key to avoiding warble. It has a true psychoacoustic quality that only Roland managed to capture so perfectly…over 33 years ago!

The condition of this rack unit is excellent.

Th SDD-320 runs on 110V voltage and works very happily on a small step-down transformer due to its tiny 8W power requirements.

We have purchased a brand new (UK spec/plug) step-down transformer – rated to 45W which is supplied free of charge with this unit.

The Dimension D was very recently serviced
& is sold with our full 3 month warranty

Price = £695 UK Pounds

Availability = This is now sold as at 25th September 2012

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Roland JSQ-60 – Vintage Sequencer

How about this original 2000 note sequencer to partner your prized Juno 60.

The JSQ-60 will record polyphonically in real-time, including patch-change data, but you can also use the step-record and over-dubbing function. A nice addition if you want to extend the performance capability of your Juno 60 but without resorting to installing MIDI, thus keeping your collection 100% original.

The condition is immaculate and is supplied with its original external UK 220V Power supply. and (attached) proprietary Roland DCB inter-connect cable.

Price = 190 UK Pounds

Availability = This item was sold on 4th August 2012

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Roland System 700

Roland System 700 Lab Series Modular

This item is awaiting delivery to RL Music from the EU for restoration to commence

Came into stock: ETA w/c 16th July 2012

Restoration Status: Going through Restoration

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End of October 2012

Remarks: Finally a System 700 becomes available and we snapped it up before the seller said “ are you interested.” A very rare opportunity to dial into the pure System 700 sound without having to spend £40K to do so. With a Kenton Pro-2000 you have a 3 note poly modular.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: Estimated at £7990 to £8500 UKP

Availability: The System 700 Lab is now Sold as at 11th August 2012


Arp 2600 Mk3

Arp 2600 Mk3 + 3620 Keyboard

This item is awaiting delivery to RL Music from USA for restoration to commence

Came into stock: ETA w/c 16th July 2012

Restoration Status: Awaiting arrival

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End of October 2012

Remarks: A really beautiful condition Mk3 black & Orange 2600. It’s been a while since we have had one of these versions in stock so we’re excited to be able to offer this to our customers once ready.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: Estimated at £7990 to £8500 UKP

Update 20th July 2012: This instrument is now sold as at 2nd August 2012.