Yamaha CS30L

Yamaha CS30L

We present this pristine condition flag-ship monosynth from the fabulous Yamaha CS series of Synthesizers.

An amazingly capable synth with an array of routing facilities and the excellent CS filters for really serious sound exploration. The CS30L is built into a beautifully factory made flight-case which probably explains why these models are always in such excellent condition. It’s heavy with it’s lid but once that’s stored and the synth up on a stand then it commands some respect from its sheer magnificence!

There are a number of essential inputs for control including CV/Gate & pedals etc. so you can hook her up easily to a Midi to CV converter. There is also an audio-in for running external signals through the synth which just adds up to is a beautifully thought out and well executed design. Additionally, there are separate audio-outs as well for routing internal sound set-ups through independent & shared channels.

This CS30L has only just been fully serviced and is sold with a 3 month warranty from RL Music. like most top condition ‘CS’ synths we have seen in the UK over the years, this CS30 run on 110V voltage and works very happily on a small step-down transformer due to its minimal 35W power requirements.

We have purchased a brand new (UK spec/plug) step-down transformer – rated to 45W which is supplied free of charge with this synth.

The case & panels condition are immaculate and we have not seen a better example. The original legs are not present, but most owners would have this instrument up on a keyboard stand to play.

Price: £1220 UK Pounds

Availability: This CS30L is now SOLD as at 26th March 2013

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