EML ElectroComp 101

We are Brokering this EML-101 for a UK customer.

Came into stock: October 2019.

Restoration Status: KSR has already health-checked this pre-restored instrument and gave a 100% pass, so it’s ready for sale now.

Remarks: A super condition example of a rare machine to see available for sale these days and in the scheme of things, not all that well known either.  To any aficionado of vintage analogue synthesisers, Electronic Music Laboratories involvement with music instrument goes back to the late 1960s, and much like the British EMS products, share a similar boutique feel to them, was sold to education facilities (universities and schools etc.) and oozes charter and uniqueness.  

The EML-101 was the third product to come out of Connecticut, in the USA, from 1972 and much like the Arp 2600, is 4 x VCO, 3 x VCF semi-modular system that offers duo phonic operation and patchable break-out to really dig into the sound design possibilities.  The architecture of the EML differs from what Arp and Moog were doing in their designs at that time as it uses op-amps to deliver much from stability in tuning, and reliability in general.

This particular example has been subjected to a sympathetic restoration, having a beautifully made wood cabinet & catches/handles for the keyboard and main synth.  The main control panel was left original, so shows a natural patina for its age, retaining that vintage feel and look.  Internally, the circuits are all in outstanding condition, being well mounted internally and of course, the whole system is fully operational.  The keyboard has had new bushes fitted and plays beautifully.  The mains transformer has been upgraded to a high-quality toroidal one with a very professionally installed voltage rectifier circuit. It operates on 220~240V rather than the original US voltage – this has made the 101 very stable and it has a very low noise floor. Surprisingly so for such an old instrument (47 years at most).

Our client, the owner, did not commission the restoration, so we don’t have any information on who did the work, but it’s of the very highest standard and certainly equal to anything we could have achieved if it had been one of our own projects.

Our client purchased the EML-101 from a Swedish collector/musician about 3 years ago, so it’s not been in his possession all that long, but they told us that It is an early version as it doesn’t have the ‘SEQ IN’ socket on the patch-bay, but has the ‘CM2’ out socket.

Kent at KSR has given a full health-check of the EML-101 and told us ‘it was perfect’ so there were no service items to carry out.  This verifies what our client told us as well, so we’re confident this is ready for sale and shipping now.

As mentioned above, the EML-101 runs on 220~240V, sold with a full 3-month warranty and a copy of the owners manual will be supplied (PDF) as well.

Price: £3,200 GBP.

Availability: This EML-101 is now SOLD, as at 10th March 2020.

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