EMS Synth A Mk2

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock: October 2017.

Restoration Status: A full service by KSR has already been carried out (completed on 1st November 2017), so this instrument is ready for sale now.

We’re delighted to be able to offer an EMS Synthi A Mk2 to our customers who want to experience a vintage EMS but don’t need the extra expense/facility of the KS (Keyboard/Sequencer) that the AKS model offers.

Identical to the Synthi AKS (synth) in sound & operation, the Synthi A is the ultimate portable synth, packaged in the same Spartanite case and offering the endless programming possibilities through the matrix panel interface. EMS originally named the Synth A the “Portabella” which followed the naming conventions of its early synths like the “Putney (VCS3 Mk1)” and Cricklewood (DK1) keyboard etc.

The EMS Synthi A was first brought to the market by EMS the same year as Moog launched the Model D Minimoog to the world – an auspicious year for synth fans indeed! This example we are offering for sale is a later revision, an Mk2, and was manufactured during the Datamonics company ownership period which would have been between 1979 to 1982. The Mk2 Synth A is usually identifiable but the power-conditioning components used internally, but the metal silver anodised panel is another way to quickly identify them, as the earlier (Mk1) versions were usually painted (white), although there may have been some cross-over.

Our client literally rescued this Synthi A from a London school back in the late 1990s who were throwing it out, and the synth bears the marks of this being a genuine educational tool for children. You will see from the anodised metal panel that it was been hand-inscribed with “ILEA” and other markings. Most people in the UK would recognise that as meaning “Inner London Education Authority” – so this synth has faithfully served fresh young minds in its time, and perhaps even enthused a few (like we were back in the day) to take their love of synthesis further into adulthood….bravo!

Our client has used this instrument regularly since the 90s and even gigged with it for a few years in London, so this synth is not a ‘glass-case’ collector’s item by far, but to many people that brings its own appeal and means it has a genuine evidenced history & story to tell.

At some time in the life of the instrument, an IEC power socket was fitted to the synth. The implementation is good. We assume that the use of the usual proprietary EMS power-cable was a problem for the school as these easily get lost, so someone fitted the IEC to it.

As this instrument is nearly 40 years old, and quite commonly, it did not come to us any significant service history from our client. We commissioned KSR to carry out an extensive ground-up overhaul to bring it up to a perfect operating specification, whilst ensuring its authenticity is preserved as much as possible. Electronic instruments of this age need a deep level of restoration, but we approach this kind of work sympathetically.

The restoration time & resources invested into this instrument by KSR include:

>Strip-down of panels & Spartanite case.
>Spartanite case deep-cleaned, re-finished & all hardware cleaned.
>Control Panels deep-cleaned.
>Every control component (potentiometers/switches/matrix panel), cleaned & lubricated
>Power-Supply re-capped & calibrated.
>Full system-wide calibration & soak-test.

The above restorative work is the minimum we asked KSR to carry out as they would all need this level of attention due to their age, but In addition to the above, the following work can also be carried out by request. This is a costed option, so is not included in the sales price listed at the bottom of this page:

*VCO stabilisation modification implemented in line with EMS guidelines = £400 GBP

*This Synthi A comes with a full complement of matrix pins, although to be honest, these original 38-year-old pins are well past there best so we would recommend you also purchase a brand new (full) set of matrix pins (supplied from EMS) for = £250 GBP

Our client did not ask us to get get the panels re-anodised/screen-printed as they always felt it’s history was an intrinsic part of the life of the synth, so it comes as it was used and intended for – an educational instrument in the 1970s with a genuine provenance. However, if you prefer to purchase this Synth A and then want to have the panels refinished (re-anodised/screen-printed) to look like new, then this is possible of course, so please contact us for a quote to have this carried out.

This instrument operates on EU 220V. The instrument is sold with a 3-month warranty from RL Music and we will also include a user manual in PDF format and a UK-plug IEC power cable.

Price: £7200 GBP.

Availability: This Synthi A Mk2 is now SOLD on reserve as at 28th March 2018.

Pictures of the actual EMS Synthi A Mk2 for sale are below.