We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client

Came into stock:  Available from RL Music as at 16th July 2018.

Restoration Status: A full health-check by KSR has already been carried out (completed in July 2018), so this EMS VCS3 Mk2 is ready for sale now.

Remarks: We are delighted to offer you another rare opportunity to own a (manufactured in late 1972) EMS VCS3 Mk2. This VCS3 has a fascinating provence as it was once owned by composer, Edward Williams, a former owner of EMS in the 1980s. It was serviced by Robin at EMS in 2016, and has been modified (also by EMS) with a host of useful upgrades.

Our client, the owner, has prepared a excellent presentation document that describe the provence he has gathered for this instrument (link to PDF below) that outlines the provenance, so we highly recommend you read this in conjunction with the listing information here:


Cosmetic Condition:

The cosmetic condition is excellent, and the photos we have taken clearly show very little wear to the main control surfaces (front & rear). The wood cabinet is completely original and has not had any restorative work carried out, so shows a natural patina, and as you can see from the pictures below, is in fantastic condition. All the controls and pins are present.

Operational Condition:

The VCS3 works flawlessly. KSR have just carried out a detailed health check and could find “nothing to report” on this instrument…not bad at all for 46 year old synthesizer! It has very clearly been very well looked after.

Detail on the modifications:

The modifications carried out on this VCS3 where done by EMS at some time in the past, so were implemented professionally, details of which are:

* The Matrix has been modded to behave like a Mk1 VCS3
* Hi/Lo switches on oscillators 2 & 3
* Envelope shaper source select switch (selects where the envelope gets its trigger from – either 8-way keyboard connector or external gate input)
* External gate input jack on rear of unit
* Input channel SI/Mult switches (disconnects the link from 8 way keyboard socket – useful if keyboard and external audio inputs are connected as they can interact and crackle)
* Voltage controlled oscillator shape (3 x 3.5mm jack sockets with special patch-pin leads – modulate OSC shape, especially interesting for stereo effects)
* Dual patchable inverter (uses 3.5mm – patch-pin lead to invert signals)
* Two extra input channels (fitted on back panel for CV or line level audio, joystick position to control levels!) with switch EXT CV / STICK.
* “Multiple” – four 3.5mm jack sockets wired to each other to act as a CV splitter when patching the mods together – control several things at once, for example.

This beautiful VCS3 Mk2 is without doubt a ‘collector grade’ instrument, and if we didn’t already own a Putney & Synthi AKS then we’d buy this from the owner for the ‘RL Music Collection.’ Alas, it’s up for general sale and we highly recommend this example to you.

This VCS3 Mk2 operates on EU 220V and is supplied with the proprietary EMS power-cable, full compliment of original Matrix Pins and an assortment of Mini-jacks (as pictured). In addition, there is an original bill of sale from EMS from 2016 that cover the items covered in the service, and instructions from EMS on the modifications implemented.

Price: EMS VCS3 Mk2 = £10,990 GBP.

Availability: This EMS VCS3 MK2 is now SOLD as at 24th July 2017.

Click on the thumbnail for higher resolution photo of the actual VCS3 MK2 for sale.