Synthacon Mk1

Steiner-Parker Synthacon Mk1

‘Rare’ doesn’t come close to describing how few and far between these vintage monosynths are these days, and once you have had the opportunity to play one you will understand why they never seem come up for sale anymore.

There’s some information on the web about the Steiner-Parker Synthacon and its designer, but the fundamentals are that it’s a 3 VCO system that uses a diode based 2-pole resonant low/band/highpass VCF, and simple but clever modulation routing that gives this machine true sonic magic. You will read about the resonance power that does not diminish thought the filter range…it’s true. The specs don’t really tell you anything really as it’s all about the sound and complex possibilities.

The Synthacons were designed and hand made by Nyle Steiner himself. The were produced under the synthesizer company called Steiner-Parker, which was a small business working out of Salt Lake City in the mid 1970s. The Steiner-Parker business was a jointly owned by Nyle, Dick Parker and a third partner. More info Nyle here:

There were essentially 2 versions of the Synthacon, the Mk1 version we have here for sale, and the Mk2. The Mk2 was a duophonic version of the same instrument in effect, although the the Mk1 is said to have the edge on the Mk2 in pure sonic terms – manufactured from around 1975.

These instruments were all hand made, and the design and construction of the synth reflects that boutique feel to the synth, but the heart of it all is the sound and flexibility of this unique machine. A true masterpiece of simplicity and power in such an unassuming package. A synth for the connoisseur you might say.

We all appreciate that there are a small, but very distinguished, list of vintage synthesizers that transcend all logic, commercially speaking. Why indeed we should would want them so badly is sometimes difficult to explain, but electronic music instruments from Buchla, EMS, Serge, and many vintage Moog synths etc., are all held in high regard for being something special…vintage in fact (by definition). The Synthacon is in this special group of exotic vintage electronic music technology.

This actual instrument had gone through a complete professional cosmetic & operational restoration in the USA in 2012, and we imported it into the UK to be part of our private collection. This immaculate Synthacon Mk1 has been in our possession since, and will be fully serviced prior to shipping to its new owner, and of course, sold with a full warranty. We are selling it as we already have 2 other Synthacons in our collection, so have decided to release this beautiful synth back to the market for someone else to enjoy.

This Synthacon runs on 110V. We decided to keep it original and not replace the power-supply to a EU rated 220V unit to keep it an authentic as possible. If it sells to an EU customer then we will supply a step-down transformer to operate the synth, free of charge.

We also have a PDF copy of the owners manual & service notes/schematics which we will supply.

Guide Price: £8490 GBP.

Availability: This Steiner-Parker Synthacon Mk1 is now SOLD as at 20th December 2016.

Picture of actual Synthacon Mk1 for sale below, so please click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.