Roland System 100M

This item is currently being restored

Came into stock: 1st August 2013

Restoration Status: Restoration underway by KSR now.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): September 2013

Remarks: Vintage analogue modular systems always have something special to offer, be it the sound, the heritage, the wonderful design, or perhaps in this case all three in fact.

The Roland 100M is a stunning and totally uniquely fashioned modular system manufactured around the late 1970s. The 100M is consistently considered a top-tier must-have vintage modular synthesizer by a huge number of fans, so the passage of synthy-time has clearly been kind enough that it should tell you something about this beautiful instrument.

We recently purchased this impressive vintage analogue modular system from a UK collector. The overall condition is excellent cosmetically and everything worked as it should, although we are having the entire system fully restored as standard practice for and vintage modular systems we sell.

We don’t think we need to tell you about how good this system is as you will no doubt all ready know, so here we shall just focus on the facts of what we have available for you:

System Configuration:

4 x M-191J five-module rack with multiple connectors
3 X 110 VCO / VCF / VCA
3 X 112 Dual VCO
2 x 121 Dual VCF
2 X 130 Dual VCA
4 X 140 Dual EG / LFO
2 X 150 LFO / SH / Ring / Noise
1 X 182 Sequencer
1 X 132 Dual Mixer / Voltage Processor
1 X 172 Phase / Delay
1 X 131 4 Channel Mixer
1 X 184 4 Note CV Polyphonic Keyboard

The 184 Keyboard controller offers true polyphonic CV/Gate control of this impressive system and has: 49-notes (C-C) 4-voice, with switchable mono/polyphonic, an arpeggiator, and polyphonic portamento. With the number of VCO/VCF/VCA/EG modules included in this modular there is easy scope to run the instrument polyphonically, or configure it in such a way that you could produce some seriously complex sounds, all triggered simultaneously.

Ask yourself that question – when is a modular system big enough?

So you can have an aspiration to own something the size of Hans Zimmer’s 100M, but the reality is you also need to sleep and eat, and actually get work done (deadlines?). There is an ‘optimal’ configuration that covers all the bread & butter work and then there should be some more exotic facilities. We honestly think this 4 cab + controller system as such is an optimal system. This would (arguably) offer more than enough facility and power to satisfy even the most demanding professional.

Our friends at KSR are subjecting this 100M to an extensive restoration with everything being addressed, from cleaning sockets, sliders, switches etc to the full electronic restoration: calibration and testing etc. The 184 Keyboard will be stripped and deep cleaned and the action restored to as-new condition. The restoration will ensure many years of reliable service and the system will be sold with a 6 month warranty.

KSR are converting the whole system to operate on EU 220V. The modular will be supplied with an assortment of patching cables which were supplied with the system.

Please note: We will not be splitting this system, so it’s sold as-is.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: Guide price £11500 GBP.

Availability: This Roland System 100M is now SOLD as at 3rd February 2014.

Picture of actual system being restored now, but many more high-res images will be available post-restoration.


Roland SH2000

Remarks: For the synth player who just doesn’t have the time to program and wants some simple & funky synthy sounds straight to hand.

That might sound a strange thing to say but we sold a Pro-One to a customer recently who then sold it on within a few weeks to buy one of these. It’s horses for courses as they say, but the SH2000 is a pretty cool vintage analogue synth with a lot of character..enough so that the ‘Human League’ used one!

The Roland SH2000 has just been fully overhauled/serviced by KSR so is in 100% perfect operational condition, and is sold with our normal 3 month warranty.

This synth runs on EU 220V and has a UK plug fitted.

Price: £490 UKP.

Availability: This SH2000 is now SOLD as at 28th August 2013.

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Roland D50

This item is currently being serviced

Came into stock: 19th Aug 2012

Current Status: Being serviced by KSR now.

ETS (estimated time from servicing): August 2013

Remarks: A truly classic model and the best selling digital synth of all time, as far as we know!

We have been after a really top quality example for some time and we’re very pleased to say this instrument is in stunning condition! This D50 is supplied with its original manuals and a gig-bag. A great sounding synth the D50 and still considered by many to be one of the best (digital) synths ever made.

Guide Price Post-Servicing: £495 GBP.

Availability: This Roland D50 is now SOLD as at 15th September 2013.


Roland SH101

Came into stock: Due at RL Music 19th July 2013

Restoration Status: KSR will undertake full restoration once in receipt of instrument on 19th July.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): July 2013

Remarks: The SH101 still rocks, looks very cool, sounds funky and fresh, takes up no room and is the ultimate portable vintage analogue synth & synth-axe.

KSR will just completely strip and clean this example and fully overhaul all the operational components, including the key-bed, so it will looks superb and play perfectly.

The SH101 is sold with a 3 month warranty from RL Music and comes with it’s original external power supply, Mod-grip, Strap and owners manual.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £850 GBP.

Availability: This SH101 is now SOLD as at 21st August 2013.

Library image below, higher resolution images will become available post-restoration.


Roland D50

We are Brokering this Roland D50 for, and on behalf of, a long standing UK customer

Came into stock: In stock and available – 16th May 2013.

Restoration Status: Recently fully serviced in Q1 2013.

Remarks: A truly classic model and the best selling digital synth of all time, as far as we know!

We originally sold this D50 to the current owner but they have decided to make room for some new studio equipment, hence asking us to sell it for them. As you can see from the pictures, this D50 is in excellent condition throughout and is supplied with its original manuals.

A great sounding synth the D50 and still considered by many to be one of the best (digital) synths ever made.

This particular example was very recently fully serviced by KSR so in 100% perfect operational condition. Runs US 110V & EU 220V Voltage.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £495 GBP.

Availability: This D50 is now SOLD as at 20th May 2013

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos (customer supplied).


Roland jupiter 8

Came into stock: Due to arrive at RL Music in late January 2013

Restoration Status: Full service by KSR will commence in Early February 2013.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): February 2013

Remarks: We have an old friend coming back to us in the form of a former RL Music supplied Roland Jupiter 8. This particular example had going through our ‘Total Restoration’ cosmetic overhaul in 2009 (over £2K in restoration alone!) and represents one of the best condition Jupiter 8 in the world – fact!

Total Restoration means the panels has been stripped and re-sprayed & re-screen-printed and the end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics completely overhauled, key-bed refurbished, new perspex display etc. This is the highest level restoration we offer for these wonderful synths.

This example is a 12 bit version which also has the Encore MIDI kit fitted. The owner is downsizing his vintage synth collection and wanted his most prized synth to come back to us to find new home for. We will have KSR go over the synth as a standard process of our quality assurance, so it will be fully serviced and sold with a 6 month warranty.

It VERY are to see these ‘Total Restoration’ examples come onto the market so if you are after the ‘best of the best’ condition JP8 then here is your chance.

Guide Price Post-Servicing: £7500 UK Pounds

Availability: This JP8 now SOLD as at 2nd February 2013.

Library picture supplied below of a ‘Total Restoration’ JP8


Roland Jupiter 8

This item will soon be subject to restoration

Came into stock: Due to arrive at RL Music in Early December 2012

Restoration Status: Restoration by KSR will commence in December 2012.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): January 2013

Remarks: It’s great to have a Jupiter 8 back in stock and we are going to be subjecting this to our ‘Total Restoration’ cosmetic overhaul – so spending up to £2K in restoration alone!

Total Restoration means the panels will be stripped and re-sprayed & re-screen-printed and the end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics will be completely overhauled, key-bed refurbished, new perspex display etc. This is the highest level restoration we can offer for these wonderful synths and the finished machine will look & play like new.

This example is a 14 bit version. We are also offering a new Kenton MIDI kit to be fitted to this JP8, although the guide price below does not include that (supplied & fitted) option.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £6990 UK Pounds

Availability: This JP8 is now SOLD on deposit as at 18th December 2012


Roland Juno 60 VSE

Custom Roland Juno 60 – Very Special Edition (Black & White Versions)

Are you after the perfect Juno 60 – something very special?

We are delighted to announce that these ultra-high level custom finished Juno 60 have just been completed from their extensive restorations and are now available for sale.

The RL Music ‘RESTORATION’ page on this website actually features the project restoration of these two synths but here are the highlights about what has been done and invested into them:

In February 2012, KSR had totally disassembled 2 x Juno 60 to begin the project restoration.

>Brand new solid Oak cabinets were hand made by Lamond Design.

>Customsynth stripped and had both Juno repainted, one in black & the other in white – to RL Music specifications. The panels were then screen-printed using different graphic colours to complement the background finish.

>We purchased 2 x Minerva MIDI kits to go with both synths.

>KSR final assembly and fitting of MIDI kits PLUS full electronic overhaul and key-bed refurbishment, staining and hand finishing of wood cabinets and then 7 day soak-test.

>Total Custom Project Restoration time came to 6 months, involved 10 people in 8 different specialist businesses and cost £850 on each synth in restoration alone.

As you can see from the pictures, the results are fantastic and these instruments have been prepared to the very highest standard possible. The Minerva MIDI kits provide full SysEx control of the Juno and come pre-loaded with a full compliment of patches.

Due to the amount of time & effort and funds invested into both these special examples they are sold with a full 6 months warranty and both run on EU voltage (220V).

Price = £1950 GBP Each

Availability = White Version is now sold as at 31st August 2012

Availability = Black Version is now sold as at 16th September 2012

Click the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Roland SH101 FREE Gi...

To celebrate the relaunch of RL Music in our milestone 10th anniversary, we have sweetened the news with the announcement that we’re running a free competition for all you synth fans out there.

I had originally wanted to hold and raffle style competition to sell tickets and raise funds to offer a high value prize and donate 40% of the proceeds to charity (did you see the RL Music Facebook post about that?). Alas, UK lottery & competition laws expressly prohibit me from doing that so….that’s that unfortunately.

The alternate way to get a really nice prize out to you all in the synth community was to offer one of my pro-restored synths for nothing….FREE! The Roland SH101 has a retail value to me of £695 UK Pounds and is a fantastic vintage analogue synth. I can just about afford to offer this great monosynth on a free competition basis and all I ask in return is the following:

If you sign up for the RL Music Newsletter (details in the footer on EVERY page on the RL Music website), then you’ll be registered for the competition.

Existing Newsletter registrants are automatically entered so there is no need to re-register..I have your details.

The SH101 give-away is open to everyone (world-wide) and the competition starts today – 3rd August 2012, and will remain open for registration until the 30th September 2012. A draw will take place on Sunday the 7th October to find the lucky winner.

The SH101 give-away competition includes all packing and shipping (fully insured) to the winner and the synth is supplied with a full 3 month warranty.

So, there you are..a professionally restored Roland SH101 vintage analogue synth for FREE, and you will also get our next newsletter in the post (printed edition) so a double whammy!

Good luck everyone and I hope you like the new RL Music website.

Richard Lawson
Founder & Proprietor of RL Music
RL Music


Roland Dimension-D

Roland SDD-320 ‘Dimension-D’

We are offering a truly classic vintage effects for sale – the Dimension D

A brilliant and unsurpassed real-analogue chorus outboard effects that became legendary since its arrival in 1979, and is still a ‘must have’ pro-audio effects unit. The only drawback is trying to resist the temptation to use it on everything in a mix as it works so well with vocals, acoustic and electronic instruments alike.

The Dimension-D produces a chorus that is much more spatial and lacks typical pitch modulation problems. It achieves this through the use of dual sync’d delay lines that are driven by a trapezoidal LFO which is the key to avoiding warble. It has a true psychoacoustic quality that only Roland managed to capture so perfectly…over 33 years ago!

The condition of this rack unit is excellent.

Th SDD-320 runs on 110V voltage and works very happily on a small step-down transformer due to its tiny 8W power requirements.

We have purchased a brand new (UK spec/plug) step-down transformer – rated to 45W which is supplied free of charge with this unit.

The Dimension D was very recently serviced
& is sold with our full 3 month warranty

Price = £695 UK Pounds

Availability = This is now sold as at 25th September 2012

Click on the thumbnail for a higher resolution photo.



Roland JSQ-60 – Vintage Sequencer

How about this original 2000 note sequencer to partner your prized Juno 60.

The JSQ-60 will record polyphonically in real-time, including patch-change data, but you can also use the step-record and over-dubbing function. A nice addition if you want to extend the performance capability of your Juno 60 but without resorting to installing MIDI, thus keeping your collection 100% original.

The condition is immaculate and is supplied with its original external UK 220V Power supply. and (attached) proprietary Roland DCB inter-connect cable.

Price = 190 UK Pounds

Availability = This item was sold on 4th August 2012

Click on the image for a higher resolution picture.


Roland System 700

Roland System 700 Lab Series Modular

This item is awaiting delivery to RL Music from the EU for restoration to commence

Came into stock: ETA w/c 16th July 2012

Restoration Status: Going through Restoration

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End of October 2012

Remarks: Finally a System 700 becomes available and we snapped it up before the seller said “ are you interested.” A very rare opportunity to dial into the pure System 700 sound without having to spend £40K to do so. With a Kenton Pro-2000 you have a 3 note poly modular.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: Estimated at £7990 to £8500 UKP

Availability: The System 700 Lab is now Sold as at 11th August 2012


Roland SH101

A true workhorse synth and as popular today as it has even been since its introduction in 1983.

Roland Jupiter 4

This item is currently being restored

Came into stock: June 2012

Restoration Status: Awaiting replacement end-cheeks form Lamond Design and then final assembly and overhaul by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): End October 2012

Remarks: Very good condition which will have brand new end-cheeks manufactured for it and we have also purchased a new Minerva MIDI kit for the synth as well. This is a UK version and will be a very nice full MIDI spec example once ready.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £2100 UKP

Availability: This instrument is now sold as at 19th October 2012



Here’s a very cost effective way of dialing into that vintage analogue Roland sound – the Juno 106.

Without any doubt a true vintage synth and a very useable and practical analogue polysynth keyboard for live use as well as studio. The Juno 106 is among the first factory fitted MIDI synths from Roland in the early 80s, and with its on-board effects (chorus) and a really warm 24db/Oct filter, it sounds (and is) really retro whilst the DCO’s provide strong tuning stability.

The more advanced MIDI control on the 106 (SysEx) means you can use external patch-editors (Mac & PC) although in truth it’s not all that complex to program from the front panel…which is a big part of the joy of owing a vintage synth like this.

We picked up this super example from a UK collector who had owned it since new so it’s in immaculate condition – it certainly never left the home environment.

KSR have fully overhauled this Juno 106 and have given it a clean bill of health with no problems found with any of its original parts.

As you can see, the condition is fantastic and high-res pictures are available on request.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on UK/EU voltage. We also have the original owners manual for this 106 and that’s also in perfect condition!

Price: 780 UK Pounds

Availability: This is now SOLD as at 13th November 2012 but we have another being restored which should be available soon.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Roland RE201

Roland RE201 Space Echo

If your question is: What effects should I but for my vintage synth to sound ‘all vintage’ and cool? Answer – well you start with the RE201 Space Echo of course!

This real analogue tape machine was produced during the 1970s and was among a few effects from that time that defined the top professional audio standard in its day, and my goodness…it sounds wonderful.

If warmth, character, sound and authenticity is important to you when using your analogue synths then you shouldn’t be using software emulations and/or modern digital outboard effects? This is a beautiful and very high quality pro-audio device – to this day we have never heard a Minimoog sound better effected (delay/echo) than through a RE201.

The condition of this example we have is exemplary!

It’s just been fully mechanically and electronically overhauled and is the best sounding example we have ever heard…it’s perfect!

This RE201 runs on 110V voltage and works very happily on a small step-down transformer due to its tiny 16W power requirements.

We have purchased a brand new (UK spec/plug) step-down transformer – rated to 45W which is supplied free of charge with this unit.

Supplied with original cleaning Kit.

Price = 695 UK Pounds

Update 25th July 2012:This instrument is now sold

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.