1972 Minimoog

We are Brokering this very early (1972 manufactured) Minimoog for and on behalf of our UK client

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music in July 2016.

Restoration Status: KSR have already fully undertaken a full service of the Moog in September 2016.

We present you with a 1972 manufactured Minimoog – one of the very first production models under the Moog Music Inc. company, which still used circuitry of the preceding RA Moog designs & technology.

We’ll start by telling you that this Minimoog offers a unique opportunity to access the fabled RA Moog sound, at a price that would be impossible otherwise. RA Moog modules like the 904A are selling for upwards for £3K GBP alone these days, so you will appreciate why we feel that this instrument is a genuine bargain.

The Minimoog itself has been heavily modified over its life, so is not a collector or museum piece by any stretch, but it delivers something very special in sound that all Minimoogs made subsequently just can’t sonically match.

So what is this Minimoog all about?

As all the PCB’s are RA Moog, this Minimoog has the fabled & early designed matched transistor ladder filter. It has its original clear perspex mod-wheel housing. The main control-surface metal facia had been replaced at some time with a later plastic version. The control knobs look original and are all quite worn, as are some of the switches and pots. The cabinet is not the original one, but is well made and in excellent condition, although the ‘Minimoog’ labels that should adorn the front & rear are missing. There are holes drilled into the rear-panel, and there is even an LED modification that indicates when voltages are being transmitted – we have no idea of the purpose of the mod, neither does the owner as he inherited it that way. The keys are worn & discoloured, and the key-bed itself is worn, but working. There is no serial number ID for this Minimoog that we could find, although that is not uncommon for these first Moog Music Inc. production models.

So, there’s a lot that’s been done to this Minimoog which, with today’s eyes, would seem slacriligeus, but this synth has been well used over its 44 year life, and….fully works. This synth would suit anyone wanting access to the best sounding analogue circuits ever made, whilst understanding the synth is not a show piece, but bragging rights for having an RA Moog driven Minimoog is pretty cool we think.

This could be a fantastic restoration opportunity for someone with the time to take it on, and being fundamentally an RA Minimoog, it’s certainly worth it, but we are just Brokering the synth for our client who wants to move it on and not invest into it. The UK owner has had it for over 20 years, and purchased it from another UK owner back in the 90s, but prior to that we have no history on the synth.

We were given the original metal facia (very worn), and (broken) cabinet by the owner, so these will be included in the sale. You could certainly have the facia restored if you wanted, so that’s worth considering if you’re thinking of taking this on as a project rebuild for the future.

KSR have given the Minimoog a full service, so it’s 100% fully working (it sounds amazing) and sold with our standard 3 month warranty.

Price: £2890 GBP.

Availability: This very early Minimoog is now SOLD, as at 29th September 2016.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth for sale.