Arp Odyssey Mk1

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock: 1st August 2013

Restoration Status: Full project restoration being undertaken now with an ETA on completion of around October 2013.

Remarks: We were excited when we heard our customer wanted us to Broker his white-face Mk1 Odyssey as we haven’t seen one of these for a while.

This Odyssey is being completely stripped down and rebuilt from scratch. Due to it’s age and the usual cosmetic wear you see on these models, we are having the control surface cosmetically re-finished on the synth which includes re-spraying and re-screen printing etc. Once finished this instrument is going to look, and feel to play, like a brand new synth.

The (1972-74) Mk1 Odyssey is said to be the most sought after version of the Odyssey family of synths, certainly a very pretty machine. The Mk1 features the 4023 super smooth 2 pole filter which keeps the bass intact when the resonance is cranked right up – a cracking sounding synth! This Mk1 has also had the CV/Gate/Trig/Filter input modification implemented (along the back-plane of the synth) which is a very useful upgrade.

Although this is a Brokered sale, the synth is being fully restored pre-sale due to the time it takes to undertake these kinds of project restorations. The full cosmetic/operational restoration is being carried out now and will take a couple of months to complete but the synth can be reserved at any time.

This Mk1 Odyssey is sold with a 3 month warranty and runs on EU 220V.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £3290 to £3390 GBP.

Availability: This Mk1 Odyssey is now SOLD as at 23rd December 2013.

Library picture supplied below, but high-res pictures of the actual synth will be available post-restoration