Arp Odyssey Mk3

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client.

Came into stock: Available from RL Music as at 13th June 2018.

Servicing Status: A full service by KSR has already been carried out (June 2018), so the Arp Odyssey Mk3 (model 2821) is available for sale now.

Remarks: We’re very pleased to be able to offer this truly stunning condition example of one of the world best-known & loved vintage synths – much cloned but never surpassed!

This Odyssey Mk3 forms part of a larger collection of vintage synths that we are brokering as part of an Estate clearance. The owner of this Odyssey had this beautiful synthesizer maintained with no expense spared, and at some time in the last 10 years they had ALL the sliders replaced with new original Arp stock (NOS), so this synth literally feels and plays like brand new..amazing!

Cosmetically, this 37+ year-old vintage analogue instrument is in outstanding cosmetic & operational condition and we would rate this as a Collector Grade – 9 out of 10. As mentioned above, KSR has only just fully serviced it, so it’s 100% perfect operationally – this is a real keeper!

The (last produced in 1981) Mk3 Odyssey is arguably the prettiest iteration of the Odyssey family with the striking panel colours and unique design feature with the exposed keys (same as the Quadra), well we think so anyway. The Duophonic Mk3 features the beautiful Arp 4075 discrete four-pole 24dB lowpass/high pass filter. It has CV/Gate/Trig/Filter/Audio/Pedal I/O along the back-plane of the synth, plus the XLR output etc.

This Mk3 Odyssey operates on EU 220V. We do have a user manual (in PDF format). As the instrument is being Brokered through RL Music, it will be sold with a full 3-month warranty and we can ship worldwide.

Demos are available by appointment only.

Price: £1800 GBP.

Availability: This Mk3 Odyssey is now SOLD as at 15th June 2018.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of the actual Mk3 Odyssey for sale.