EMS Synthi AKS

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer

Came into stock:  23rd January 2017.

Servicing Status: Full restoration by KSR has already been carried out in February 2017, so this Synthi AKS is ready for sale now.

Remarks: A fabulous opportunity to own your EMS Synthi AKS, and very early model is excellent condition.

We checked the serial number to get the the manufacturing date with EMS, and Robin Wood confirmed the Synthi AKS was made in December 1972.

At some time the past, the Keyboard-Sequencer unit was modified with the vents you can see in the pictures. We did ask EMS about this and Robin said this was not a factory mod, but he acknowledged that the voltage regulators that sit under these vents do get quite warm in operation. The owner honestly can’t remember having this modification done, but it looks okay actually, and obviously does not effect the operation in any way.

These iconic and truly amazing pure analogue music instruments are in great demand by professional users, and prices are being driven up fast on the second-hand market around the world, so now might be a good time to invest in one before they become ‘Vintage Buchla or RA Moog Modular’ prices.

This EMS Synthi AKS did come from the owner with a partial set of worn Matrix pins, which we have used to picture it with, but the pins are in need to replacing to ensure a reliable contact within the matrix panel, so we have purchased a brand new set from EMS which will be supplied with the instrument, and are included in the sales price below.

As this Synthi AKS is 45 years old, and did not have any significant service history, we asked KSR to carry out an extensive ground-up restoration to bring it back to its former glory, whilst ensuring its authenticity is preserved as much as possible. Electronic instruments of this age need a deep level of restoration, but we approach this kind of work sympathetically.

The restoration time & resources invested into this instrument by KSR include:

>Strip-down of panels & Spartanite case.
>Spartanite case deep-cleaned & all hardware cleaned.
>Control Panels deep-cleaned (vary carefully).
>Every control component (potentiometers/switches/matrix panel), cleaned & lubricated
>All three Vernier dials replaced (EMS supplied parts) but original potentiometers retained.
>Power-Supply re-capped & calibrated.
>Brand new Matrix Pin set (from EMS).
>Full system-wide calibration, test & soak-test.

Inevitably, there are some parts that will needed replacement (mostly ageing capacitors). We always work alongside EMS technical guidelines to ensure we can keep the authenticity of these 45+ year old synths intact, so no components that would effect the sound will be changed unless we absolutely have too, and even then, we will only source NOS parts from the same production era.

The above restoration work is the minimum we asked KSR to carry out on the Synthi AKS, but In addition to the above, the following work can also be carried out by request. This is a costed option, so is additional to the sales prices listed at the bottom of this page:

*VCO stabilisation modification implemented in line with EMS guidelines = £400 GBP

This Synthi AKS operates on EU 220V or US 110V (switchable) – it will be sold with a 3 month warranty. Aside the new set of Matrix Pins included, the original Cinch-Jones Synthi-to-KS cable is also included with the instrument.

Sales Price: £12,500 GBP.

Availability: This Synthi AKS is now SOLD as at 21st March 2017.

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