VCS3 Mk1 & DK2

We are Brokering this vintage EMS VCS3 Mk1 & DK2 for and on their behalf of our UK customer.

Restoration Status: Restoration is now complete on both instruments (Nov 2015) by our RL Music Service Partner – KSR (Kent Spong Restorations), so both items are ready for sale & shipping now!

Remarks: So how about owning an early 1970s Mk1 Putney – one of the most sought after synthesizers in the world, we very rarely have these in stock, and having a 43+ year old historic music instrument in our possession is always an honour and privilege.

This iconic, and historically important, synthesizer comes from a time when the whole concept of electronic music instruments was in its infancy. This VCS3 would have been made around the time that the first Minimoog appeared to the world, and only a few years after the first Moog modular was created for musicians…wonderous times indeed for electronic music.

Also, having the slightly later EMS DK2 Keyboard Controller is a real bonus as some players like having the option of a more traditional playing style whilst using the VCS3, as well as having the natural hard-core experimental nature of the synth via drones & the joy-stick useage etc. So the VCS3 certainly benefits from accessing the synth via this keyboard, and it provides a complete package for anyone looking for the genuine article in terms of an true vintage EMS analogue controller, and a third VCO in fact (on board the DK2).

We are Brokering this vintage EMS system for our UK owner who had both instruments kept in his professional London studio for the best part of 30 years. The owner admitted that neither the VCS3 of DK2 has seen much use in production, so felt it was time now to let someone else enjoy using these amazing machines. Both the synth and keyboard were well taken care of during the last 3 decades, and upon early assessment from our restoration guru – Kent at KSR, he commented that the internals of the VCS3 “looked like new” & not 40 years old!

Although both the VCS3 Mk1 ‘Putney’ & DK2 had been very well looked after, we have asked KSR to carry out an extensive ground-up restoration to bring bring both items back to their former glory, whilst ensuring we preserved their authenticity at the same time. Electronic instruments of this age need a deep level of restoration, but we approach this kind of work sympathetically.

The time & resources invested into this instrument will include:

>Strip-down of every component, panels, cabinet
>Original wood cabinet to be stripped back to bare wood and re-finished by hand (preserved patina).
>Control Panels deep-cleaned (vary carefully).
>Every control component (potentiometers/switches/matrix panel) stripped, cleaned & lubricated
>Each original Matrix pin cleaned & tested.
>Power-Supply re-capped & distribution PCB upgraded, calibrated.
>Replacement chrome Cliff caps/inserts for some knobs.
>Brand new power cable.
>Full system-wide test & calibration.

The above restoration work is the minimum we are investing into the instruments.

In addition to the above, the following work can also be carried out by request. These are costed options, so are additional to the sales prices listed at the bottom of this page:

VCO stabilisation modification implemented in line with EMS guidelines = £400 GBP
A brand new (full) set of gold-plated matrix pins supplied (from EMS) = £240 GBP

Inevitably, there are some parts that have needed replacement (mostly ageing capacitors). We always work alongside EMS technical guidelines to ensure we can keep the authenticity of these 40+ year old synths intact, so no components that would effect the sound will be changed unless we absolutley have too, and even then, we will only source NOS parts from the same production era. Also, we will not replace the original cabinet, or get the panels repainted/screen-printed, so both instruments are going to be kept 100% original. The final presentation on both items (as you can see from the pictures below) is stunning, and offers an excellent investment if you have been looking for a ‘keeper’ for your own collection.


Mk1 VCS3 ‘The Putney’ and DK2 Keyboard Controller = £11,480 GBP

Availability: This EMS VCS3 MK1 Putney & DK2 are now SOLD as at 24th May 2016.

Pictures of the actual VCS3 Mk1 and DK2 for sale are below, so please click on the thumbnails for higher resolution shots.