Korg MS-02 Interface

The Korg Interface MS-02 was designed for the purpose of connecting Korg MS-Series synthesizers with other synthesizers using OCT/V system (like a Moog etc.).

The Korg MS-02 provides you with a way to change the control signals of one system into the control signals used in the other system. In this way, it acts as an interface so that any two synthesizers can be used together, provided that the synthesizers are equipped with the conventional input and output jacks for control voltage and trigger or gate signals.

For some more info on the functionality, we found this useful link:


This Korg MS-02 has just been fully serviced and is sold with a 3 month warranty. The unit operates on US 110V. We are supplying a new step-down adaptor in the price so you can run it in the EU out of the box.

Price: £290 UK Pounds

Availability: This Korg MS-02 is now SOLD as at 12th October 2013.

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