Memorymoog LAMM

The Memorymoog is an outstanding analogue polysynth that is unique and unrivalled in sheer power and character. Moog did the best they could with the technology of the day, but Lintronics developed this amazing system further to become the world renown Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog (LAMM).

More info on the Lintronics LAMM implementation can be found by clicking this link:

Not very often we get the chance to get hold of a LAMM but we managed to source this amazing vintage synth from a musician who has gone 100% VSTi…! Well, our gain for sure, and having a Memorymoog in stock alone would be treat enough but the Lintronics versions are highly coveted. The LAMM upgrade charges are near the cost of the donor machine these days, plus the waiting time to have it done, so here’s a great opportunity to get yours. The LAMM upgrade on this particular model was carried out by Bob Moog’s team (Big Briar) in the USA during the 1990s – we have documented evidence of this.

This LAMM is also a very special as it has gone through our unique ‘Total Restoration’ process that has involved every possible aspect of the synths cosmetic and operational integrity, and taken over 6 months to complete. We have had all the control surfaces re-finished, new scratch-resistance stickers made and a brand new Walnut cabinet made for it by Lamond Design. We are certain that you will never find a more perfect and beautifully prepared Memorymoog in the world. The restoration costs invested into this LAMM have been in excess of £3000 GBP alone, and this does not include the LAMM upgrade costs, which are considerably more than that figure, on top.

So, if you are after a cosmetically perfect, full LAMM spec Memorymoog that is operationally restored to the highest possible level achievable, is totally reliable and feels beautiful to play then we present the worlds finest example for sale.

Supplied with original LAMM User manual. Runs EU 220V and sold with a 6 month warranty.

Guide Price: £10300 UK Pounds

Availability: This ultra-high level restored LAMM Memorymoog is now SOLD as at 28th September 2013.

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