Minimoog #11601

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

The original Model D Minimoog is still one of the most sought after vintage synths in the world, and this is in spite of the huge numbers of Voyagers around to choose from…ever wonder why?

We have here a late production model, manufactured around 1980/81, which makes this a very stable in tuning and tracking – utilising the buffer-board (factory fitted) and late Moog VCOs…a players synth!

This particular Minimoog has only ever had one owner – the actual customer we are Brokering if for. He purchased it brand new in 1981 from a music store in London and has kept it with him at his home studio since that time. The Moog was very well looked after and needed little in the way of restorative work operationally speaking. It’s very unusual to find a Minimoog from the original owner like this, so we have the full history for this immaculate instrument.

A note on the restoration:

On this particular example, we had the original Moog cabinet re-finished by KSR and the results are always very impressive. The wood cabinet has been stripped, stained and wax finished and shows beautiful character in the grain, as you can see from the library picture below of another late model we restored recently..

Operationally speaking from the restoration standpoint, we do not change any electronic components that would compromise the integrity of the Moogs character. There might be some components that we will have prudently replaced due to age like but these are off-the-shelf components. The Keyboard will be completely stripped and rebuilt with a full set of new bushings, all pots and switches cleaned, and the final calibration and test finishes of the restoration.

The aluminum real panel enclosure is completely original. We decided not to have the panel re-anodized as it’s in good condition, plus we prefer to keep the instrument completely authentic if possible. Restoration is a about balance, and although the cabinet is not the original brown varnished factory one, you can see the fantastic work KSR can do from the picture.

This Minimoog #11601 is sold with a 3 month warranty. It will operate under either 110V or 220V (switchable).

Price: £4130 GBP.

Availability: This Minimoog #11601 is no longer for sale.

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