Came into stock: Due late-February 2014

Restoration Status: Full restoration will commence by KSR early March 2014.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Should be ready by late March or early April 2014.

This example is in superb condition, 100% original and an un-modified standard version, so no MIDI but a prime candidate for the LAMM upgradeor MIDI socket-upgrade from Kenton if so wished.

Memorymoogs have to be in the top 5 list of machines for any serious analogue fan and among the most individual sounding (monster) polysynths ever made. These instruments have become very hard to find in the last 5 years or so in anything like decent condition and demand, as with so many of the truly iconic synths from this period, has increased significantly leaving a big hole in the market for top quality examples.

Our vintage synth restorers, KSR, have considerable experience in restoring Memorymoogs – which is more of an art form than an engineering function, and as such, each synth gets around 20+ hours of meticulous & skilled work invested into them just on the electronic side then the aluminum case is deep cleaned and the wood cabinet hand-finished (stripped, stained and waxed) to reveal the beautiful wood character to it full.

Once fully restored by us these instruments are reliable, stable and everyday usable in a professional/production environment or the home enthusiast studio for many years to come.

Considering the beautiful condition and extreme care taken in the restoration work we are invest into it, we are confident that this Memorymoog will be a huge asset to any musician wanting a truly iconic synth to hold on to for many years. This is a fully working synth (tunes 6 voiced every time), is stable, sounds epic and can be used everyday!

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty, owners manual (on PDF only) and runs EU 220V voltage. MIDI can be fitted at an additional cost – please enquire for more details.

Price = £5500 GBP

Availability: – This Memorymoog is now SOLD as at 30th April 2014.

Library shot of previous sold Memorymoog, pictures of actual synth for sale coming post-restoration.