Moog Prodigy

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our EU client.

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music in October 2015.

Restoration Status: KSR has already serviced the Prodigy, so it’s ready to ship now!

It’s been a little while since we have had a Moog Prodigy in stock so we are delighted to see this old friend. This is a really super monosynth, full of thick sonic Moogyness, and lighter than air itself.

This Moog Prodigy was purchased by the current owner from a UK seller around 5 years ago (an ex-BBC synth apparently), and had it fully serviced at that time by an experienced synth tech in his country. We can verify the condition is very good, with the synth fully working.

KSR has just fully served the Prodigy and completely restored the wood cabinet, so this has been re=finished, stained and waxed by hand, so looks really beautiful.

The overall cosmetic condition is excellent on the front-panel (and cabinet of course), although there is a mark on the lower-back panel, but this is highlighted to you for full disclosure. Also, the felt bottom’s from all the knobs have been removed at some point, although this is quite common on these style of knob, but this does not obviously effect the visuals when playing the synth, but it’s something we also wanted to mention.

The Prodigy works perfectly and is sold with our standard 3 month warranty.

This example is a late version (1984) with the full compliment of CV/Gate I/O on the rear-panel – Model 3368X. It operates on EU/UK 220-240V via a standard IEC connector on the rear.

Guide Price: £890 GBP.

Availability: This Moog Prodigy is now SOLD as at 21st January 2016.

Picture of actual Prodigy for sale below, so please click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.