Moog System 15 & 950

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer

Came into stock: August 2016.

Restoration Status: KSR have already fully undertaken a full overhaul of the System 15 and 950 Keyboard in Nov 2016, so both items are ready for sale now.

Remarks: We have been given a unique opportunity here as this vintage original Moog System 15 & 950 Keyboard are owned by the son of the late Johnny Arbiter, who many of you will know, was the owner/operator (post 1990) of the famous Turnkey music retail business in London. Johnny died in 2003, and much of the collection of vintage keys that formed part of the Turnkey studio museum passed to his son, Dan Arbiter – our client.

We weren’t given a lot of detailed background information on this Moog System 15 & 950 Keyboard, but they certainly were in the Turnkey collection for some years (post 1990), although they have been in storage since around 2005, hence our client had commissioned KSR to undertake a full systems-wide overhaul of both instruments, to prepare them for sale.

Notes on the cosmetic condition:

Both units are in very good original condition. The original Tolex on the System 15 is in remarkable order with no tears, and the nickel hardware all showing a beautiful vintage patina. The 950 keyboard has it’s original wood cabinet which is in good condition, although does have a few signs of natural ageing and use, but the keys are undamaged, having an even colour. The module faceplates themselves are in excellent condition (as are the internal circuits), so we would rate both items as 9 out of 10 cosmetically – collector grade. Both items have not had any deeper cosmetic treatments (like re-tolexing or new wood cabinets etc.), so these would appeal to a more purist collector/enthusiast looking for a more authentic vintage look.

Notes on the restoration:

An IEC socket was fitted sometime during the lifetime of the System 15 to enable the system to be used in the UK, and although the power-supply has been reconditioned, it runs on US 110V (the transformer can’t be modified to run EU 220V). Originally, the system was supplied from Moog with the standard 3-pin US power-socket from the factory back in the 1970s.

All the 1/4 inch jack-sockets have been replaced with high-quality Switchcraft® panel mount sockets to improve connectivity. KSR implemented this upgrade as 40+ year old sockets can be very intermittent in connection, regardless of cleaning, and this can be very frustrating for users of voltage controlled/audio systems like these.

Our vintage Moog restoration expert, Kent Spong of KSR, undertook an extensive ground-up restoration on the System 15 & 950 Keyboard Controller between August and November 2016. Other than the items noted above in the ‘modifications’ paragraph, no components that effected the sound character of the Moog were replaced (or needed to be in fact). We retained the original knobs though as these are a major cosmetic component to the aesthetic of this authentic vintage instrument.

Configuration Top to bottom:

As was typical with these earlier Moog Music Inc. System 15, they contain a mixture of RA Moog and later Moog Music inc. modules. The earliest module in the cabinet is dated November 1973 but the majority are dated 1974, so we can arguably date the production of the system from around that time.

907 Fixed Filter Bank (RA Moog)
904A Low Pass Filter
911 Envelope Generator
902 Voltage Controller Amplifier (RA Moog)

921A Oscillator Driver
921B Voltage Controlled Oscillator
921B Voltage Controlled Oscillator
921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
923 Noise Source w/ LP and HP Filters
911 Envelope Generator
902 Voltage Controller Amplifier (RA Moog)

CP3 Mixer
– Reversible Attenuator
Controller Output
Trunk Lines

This Moog Modular System 15 & 950 Keyboard are sold with a 3 month warranty, and as mentioned above, runs on US 110V. We were not supplied with any 1/4 inch jacks or cinch-jones S-Trig cables, although can supply these from new (recommended) here:

We can ship world-wide, so please ask us for a packaging & shipping quote for your preferred destination address.

Price: £14990 GBP.

Availability: This Moog Modular System 15 & 950 Keyboard are now SOLD as at 24th March 2017.

Pictures supplied below are of the actual System 15 & keyboard, but more high-res pictures will be available shortly.