muSonics Minimoog

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our client in the USA

We are very pleased to be able to offer an early muSonics Minimoog (serial #1192) which are highly prized and rare models. These early Minimoog versions differ from the mainstream production versions (post 1973) in that they exclusively used the much fabled ‘RA Moog’ circuitry, metal-etched control panels (with more detailed incremental graphics), Walnut cabinets, squared back panel, clear perspex pitch/mod wheels and no voltage selection like on the later models.

This one is especially rare in that it was made in Trumansburg, NY, rather than Williamsville like most of these. This is Likely because it’s an earlier muSonics and was made while RA Moog was transitioning to Moog muSonics.

The generally accepted wisdom on actual numbers of the muSonics Minimoogs manufactured suggest there were only around 150 or so ever made. There is an informative website dedicated to the Minimoog serial number history and registrations here:

Lords of the Mini

This actual instrument has just gone through a complete professional cosmetic & operational restoration in the USA, so is sold with a full warranty, but below is a summary of the work carried out by a professional vintage synth restorer.

Notes on the Cosmetic Restoration:
The original walnut cabinet and black bottom have been retained, which is really important on such an historic instrument. As such, the Walnut cabinet is over 42 years old, so shows a wonderful aged character, and the professional restoration work has been carried out sympathetically so the original patina remains intact – it’s in beautiful condition as you can see from the pictures below. This muSonics has a new set of knobs (from the original company that supplied them early on), all new keys, a re-anodized back panel, new Switchcraft washers & nuts and all of the external black anodized screws have been replaced. The original lamp style cord has been retained. Part of the paper where the serial number is located is missing, but you can still see the number if you look carefully. Remember, this was before the serial numbers were stamped on these units.

Notes on the Operational Restoration:
The Moog has been completely disassembled and cleaned, all electrolytic capacitors replaced (all boards/rectifier board, power supply), all switches cleaned, all potentiometers have been replaced (except glide and emphasis) with brand new ones, all trim pots replaced, all edge card connectors re-soldered, has a new set of matched precision octave resistors, had an original ‘Moog buffer board’ installed for better tuning (this was done internally so no holes were drilled on this rare piece), replaced heat-sink compound on all transistor pairs, all wiring replaced (very time consuming) with new harness ties (keyboard connectors, mod section, octave switches, external connectors & jacks), replaced noisy headphone amp driver and output transistors, re-soldered PCB solder connections, everything tightened, the keyboard has been completely rebuilt with new stand-offs, new keys, new key bushings, all pivot points on the keyboard re-lubed, the buss-bars burnished, keyboard leveled, and the synth has been fully calibrated. The cost of the restoration work has exceeded £2600 alone!

The MuSonics Mini is based in the USA (runs on 110V), so the cost of shipping, and any applicable import duties are not covered in the advertised sales price below. For a quote to ship it to you the please contact Richard at RL Music directly to discuss your requirements etc.

Guide Price: £8900 GBP.

Availability: This stunning Vintage Moog is now SOLD as at 20th December 2014.

Picture of actual MuSonics Minimoog for sale below, so please click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.