Oberheim OB-Xa

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client

Came into stock:  17th March 2017.

Restoration Status: Full overhaul by KSR has already been carried out in April 2017, so this OB-Xa is ready for sale now.

Remarks: The OB-Xa is without doubt one of the defining polysynths of its time so understandably has a huge following of enthusiasts wanting to have that massive Oberheim sound in their own studio. Although similar to the OB8 in look,the architecture differs internally, and sonically it delivers a thicker/fatter sound that just makes it a more interesting proposition to its fans, and it’s certainly a lot heavier.

The current owner has used this synth in his home studio for over a decade, and had regular maintenance done on the synth to keep it in the best operational condition possible. The cosmetic condition is very good for a 36 year old synth, but does show reasonable signs of wear to the controls surfaces an some key-tops. We would grade this as a 8 out of 10 cosmetically, and the price below has been agreed with our client to reflect the condition.

This OB-Xa is an 8 voice system which KSR has just fully overhauled for us so it’s in 100% perfect in operation. This example has the 120 program memory upgrade fitted, as well as a Kenton MIDI kit – all good to go!

KSR Service notes:KSR have carried out a full overhaul of this OB-Xa which includes, but is not limited to:

>Keyboard bushing replaced & key contact system fully cleaned.
>New memory battery
>PSU fully power-conditioned.
>System-wide calibration
>Clean of all pots & switches
>Re-finished the wood end-cheeks (stripped, stained & waxed).
>Re-loaded factory (120 program) Patches.

Here’s a really good YT demonstration from a friend of ours – Marko Ettlich (RetroSound) of the OB-Xa: https://youtu.be/RsgSUPE4E7I

This OB-Xa operates on EU 220V and/or US 110V. it will be sold with a 3 month warranty. Included with the sale is a UK IEC Power-cable, and we will also include a PDF copy of the user manual.

Sales Price: £3990 GBP.

Availability: This Oberheim OB-Xa is now SOLD as at 21st July 2017.

Click on the thumbnail for higher resolution photo of the actual OB-Xa for sale.