RA Minimoog

RA Minimoog – Serial Number: 1064

By the end of 1970, the now incorporated R. A. Moog Inc. introduced the Minimoog, manufactured in Trumansburg NY. The first of all the subsequent Model D Minimoogs ever made were called the ‘RA Minimoog’ named so after after Robert Moog’s initials.


We present you with an April 1971 manufactured RA Minimoog, now available for sale.

This truly historic instrument has the fabled and early desined matched transistor filter. It has it’s original clear perspex mod-wheel housing and is completely original having had no modifications since it’s manufacture in April 1971 (date evidenced by Moog engineer test sticker internally).

It has to be one of many peoples life’s dream to own such an extraordinary instrument, and we are no different. Ordinarily an historic instrument of this rarity and value is kept locked away, but we wanted to make this available for you to own and appreciate (in every sense of the word).

It’s quite possible that Bob Moog himself had a hand in the assembly of this particular Minimoog and the original all metal facia just adds to the experience in knowing this is the genuine article from the early Moog company in 1971.

The person we  finally managed to purchase this RA Minimoog from was the second owner. He couldn’t remember who the very first owner was as he bought it from them around 1976, but it’s been in his possession for 37 years. Like many RA Minis, It was used, a player synth, and not stored away which in many ways is a good thing as the synth is still very happily working to this day. It was regularly serviced but never modified in anyway, so it’s completely 100% factory original – meaning: its has all its original PCBs, casings, cabinet, switches, pots, keys etc.

David Van Koevering, Bob Moog’s friend and historic collaborator, is a friend of the previous owner of this Minimoog.  David was interested in the particular history of this RA and had recently commented that only a handful where ever made in this particular configuration. David also mentioned that they used a locally supplied wood to build the cabinet on this RA, which was (very expensive) Rose Wood.

So, what we will do in terms of restoration?

My trusted Vintage Moog restoration expert, Kent Spong of KSR – London, has undertaken a sympathetic approach to the restoration to ensure it has retained the authentic essence of a 42 year old Moog synthesizer. The key-bed has been fully overhauled and re-bushed, deep cleaning to pots and switches, plus a full test and calibration ect. There has of course been much more detailed work operationally speaking but most of the technical work carried out has been to ensure the instrument is reliable and safe to use.

KSR have very carefully hand-finished the original Rose Wood Cabinet to bring back the character, and waxed finished it to enhance the natural aging and darkening of the wood (its patina). Without doubt this RA Minimoog look beautiful and it plays perfectly, scaling and tracking through all the footages very nicely thanks to the skill of a master restorer.

This extraordinary instrument is being sold with our enhanced 6 month warranty. It operates (perhaps obviously) under the US 110v voltage – we do not intend to convert it to EU 220V as that means replacing the transformer. Best left original we think, and it will work quite happily on an external step-down transformer, which we can supply free of charge if required.

Price: £10990 GBP.

Availability: This RA Minimoog is SOLD as at 4th November 2013.

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