Roland Juno 6

Came into stock: Available from RL Music from February 2020.

Servicing Status: A health-check has been carried out by KSR but we will have it fully serviced as a priority once the sale has been completed.

Remarks: We are brokering this excellent condition example for a UK client who has owned it for 20+ years.

This wonderful 6 voice system came from a time when Roland made such cool looking synths and had a warm and timeless vintage sound to them. The Juno 6 was many peoples first polysynth and we have had many tell us that they sold theirs years ago and regretted it – well, you can have one again…and a really beautiful example as well.

Although lacking MIDI, this synth has a nostalgic appeal and is perfectly useable to make music today but you have to use your hands and not a remote computer to play it. The digitally controlled/generated oscillator keeps the system in perfect tune, and this model has the exact same sound and programming capability of the Juno 60 but without the extra price.

As you can see from the pictures below, the cosmetic condition of the panels and faux wood is excellent. The only item of note is a small ‘etched’ number into the paint on the back-plane, next to the output section, which was presumably for an asset ID for some previous owner.

This Juno 6 is sold through RL Music with a 3-month warranty and can be shipped worldwide. The synth operates on EU 220V (UK plug fitted).

Demos are available by appointment only.

<em>As with all Brokered Sales, the Juno 6 will be fully serviced post-sale before it’s sent to its new owner. We do this to ensure that the instrument leaves us in perfect operational condition, and it is backed up by our full warranty to give the new owner complete peace of mind. The servicing is carried out as a priority once the sale has been completed, and although it will delay shipping/delivery by a short time, we know from experience that customers are happy to wait.</em>

Price: £1,250 GBP.

Availability: This Juno 6 is no longer available for sale – updated as of 19th March 2020.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of the actual Juno 6 for sale.