Roland MPG80

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK client

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music in July 2018.

Servicing Status: A full health-check by KSR has already been carried out (July 2019), so this MPG80 is ready for sale & shipping now.

Remarks: Here’s a rare opportunity to grab the dedicated Roland MKS80 Controller, the MPG80. We very rarely see these units up or sale on their own, and if you’re an MKS80 user without one, then it’s a no-brainer!

This MPG80 was purchased by our client many years ago, with the plan to get the full combo to use it with, but they never got around to it, so it’s sat used for a while. We happen to have an MKS80 in stock at the moment, so we were able to give the MPG80 a full test after KSR had given the unit a full deep-clean.

This really good cosmetic condition MPG80 works perfectly and looks like it’s never been racked either. Being a MIDI controller is can also be used to operate any other MIDI device as well, so it’s a really useful device to have around.

As pictured below, the MPG80 is supplied with the interconnect cable required to connect to the MKS synth.

As the instrument is being Brokered through RL Music, it will be sold with a full 3-month warranty and can be shipped worldwide.

Demos are available by appointment only.

Price: £1350 GBP.

Availability: Sorry but this MPG80 is no longer available for sale now (updated 5th August 2020).

Click on the thumbnail for higher resolution photos of the actual MPG80 for sale.