Roland TR-808 w/MIDI

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer

Came into stock: November 2022.

Servicing Status: Full health-check by KSR has already been carried out in November 2022, so this Roland TR-808 with MIDI-In is ready for sale now.

Remarks: The demand for high-quality examples of the world’s most famous drum machine never relents, so we were delighted to be able to offer this good condition TR-808 with MIDI.

Our client has owned this TR-808 since 2018, having purchased it then from a reputable UK vintage synth dealer, so it had been fully serviced and prepared for sale at that time, and the dealer also fitted a MIDI-in modification for our client, through the TR-808 Din-Sync socket at back of the unit, although the switch next to the socket still provides the option to just use the Din-Sync if preferred. 

Our client purchased the Stardust cover, so this is supplied in the sale.

The TR-808 is fully operational of course and looking at the cosmetic presentation, it’s in very good overall condition, fully intact, although showing a patina to the painted finish surfaces, which is consistent with many other 40+ years old TR-808s the we have seen.  The pictures below show you the drum-machine from all angles, so you can asses it for yourself, but it’s a solid working example that would suit regular studio use. 

This TR-808 is sold through RL Music with a 3-month warranty and operates on EU 220V and currently has an UK style 3-pin plug fitted. We can supply the user manual in PDF format.

Packing & Shipping: 

We can ship this TR-808 worldwide, although the packing, shipping & insurance costs are not included in the sale price below, so are subject to quotation.  There may be some short delays in getting the packaging materials produced for shipping as they are custom ordered for the specific dimensions of each instrument.  We are happy to discuss your requirements so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics and/or need a quote.

Sales Price: 

£4,000 GBP

As this is a brokered sale, VAT is not applicable on the sale of this TR-808 to UK buyers, however, packing & shipping/insurance is subject to VAT @ 20% should you need the goods shipped to you.


This TR-808 with MIDI-In is available for sale now.

Click on the thumbnail for a higher resolution photo of the actual TR-909 for sale.  If you require specific pictures not already featured of the instrument then please contact us so we can try and accommodate your request but there may be a short delay in getting this done for you as the instrument is currently in secure storage.