Yamaha CS80

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our EU client.

Came into stock: Available from RL Music as at 28th June 2018, and this CS80 is currently located at our restoration partners – KSR in Surrey, UK.

Servicing Status: A full health-check by KSR has already been carried out (June 2018), so this CS80 is ready for sale now.

Remarks: This CS80 is an exemplary condition example that we sold to our client, the owner, in 2015 when the instrument was subjected to what we term a ‘Total Restoration.’

This CS80 we are offering for sale can be considered among the very finest examples in the world. It is still a 40-year-old instrument with its original keys & buttons etc., but the restoration work invested into it, plus the modifications listed below, mean this is a very special machine, and we have produced only a small number of these very high-level restored examples in the last 16 years for discerning customers around the world.

The CS80 has already been fully cosmetically and operationally restored (Level 2) by KSR. Only RL Music get the ‘’Level 2’ restoration as this includes a much higher level of detailed restoration by KSR, including a full key-bed restoration and point-to-point cabling/solder-contacts integrity checking for the entire loom etc. The Level 2 operational restoration normally costs £4000 GBP (in 2018). We’re pleased to confirm this CS80 already had this work applied of course and is included in the sale price.

The following work has been implemented:

The restoration comprises (not limited to) the total replacement of all the old CMOS Logic IC’s, all of the dual op-amps, voice card, and power supply capacitors & transistors. In addition to this the TKC circuit board, which controls the polyphonic aftertouch of the CS80, is fitted with a set of bypass/decoupling capacitors for each IC to greatly reduce the chance of failure of the touch response circuit. To cap this off, a full calibration is then performed (voltages to within 3 decimal places). The actual list of work is huge, and changes out several hundred components,  and includes a 7 day burn-in test period/stress testing.
All the RL Music supplied CS80s are serviced/restored by the world renown CS80 expert Kent Spong of KSR (Kent Spong Restorations) in London. Sound on Sound magazine (SOS) did an interview article on Kent, which you can find here:


Warranty provided on this CS80:
The CS80 is sold with a 6-month warranty as standard which covers all parts and labour and telephone/Skype technical support. KSR also provide full 12-month after-sales technical support for the CS80 by phone, email and Skype post-warranty. KSR is world renown CS80 experts and currently, support several hundred CS80 around the world for professional musicians/studios and enthusiasts etc.

Upgrade Option Fitted -1:
If Midi is required on the CS80 then we are normally able to supply and install the Kenton Midi retrofit Kits for an additional £850 GBP. We’re pleased to confirm this CS80 already has a new Kenton MIDI kit fitted (in 2015), so is included in the sale price below.

Upgrade Option Fitted – 2:
Total-Restoration Upgrade
Most of the major aspects of the CS80 cosmetic presentation are addressed including re-tolexing all the exterior (and lid), re-painting and screen printing all control surfaces. This work normally takes up to 12 weeks to complete.  For more information on what is included in this ultimate upgrade option then please call or email us for details. The Total-Restoration Cosmetic Upgrade Option costs £3500 GBP. We’re pleased to confirm this CS80 already had the Total-Restoration Cosmetic Upgrade applied, and is included in the sale price.

Upgrade Option Fitted – 3:
Solid wood surround (in Walnut) beautifully handcrafted by Lamond Design, is normally supplied for an additional £850 GBP. We’re pleased to confirm this CS80 already has a solid Walnut surround fitted, and is included in the sale price.

Items of Note on this CS80 for sale:
Most CS80’s have lost their ‘Pedals, Music Stand and Legs’ over the years, so we are unable to supply these original accessories to the new owner, and this example for sale does not have any either. However, this CS80 does come with the original lid, which has been re tolexed of course. We will supply a copy of the owners manual on PDF.

This CS80 operates on EU220V but can be converted to US110V if required (subject to quotation).

We can have the CS80 professionally packed (custom crated) and shipped pretty much anywhere in the world (subject to quotation).

Price: With ‘average to tatty’ cosmetic condition, and fault-ridden examples of CS80 selling privately for £17,000+ GBP these days (if you can find one), we are inviting offers for this superlative & upgraded example in excess of £22,000 GBP.

Availability: This CS80 is now SOLD as at 9th August 2018.

Picture of the actual CS80 for sale below. We took these in-situ at the KSR Studio on 26th June 2018, where the CS80 currently is available to demo (upon request).

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