Korg 800DV

We are Brokering this Korg 800DV for and on behalf of our UK customer.

Came into stock: 15th April 2016.

Servicing Status: Full service by KSR will commence post-sale.

Remarks: We just love the 800DV (or Maxi-Korg 800DV), as it’s just one of those great sounding but quirky synths from a really creative time in the mid-1970s when some amazing designs were coming out from Japan.

The 800DV offers duophonic operation (hence the DV – Dual Voice), and the sound engine from the 700/700S synths from Korg. Some say it’s two MiniKorgs in a box, but it’s a lot more than that, and the sonic pallet is very thick and powerful with some very musical effects like the ring modulator and various routing options. The front-panel operation is a little non conventional and takes some time to master, but the uniqueness of this one-of-a-kind synth make is very desirable.

Our friend, Dave Spears at GForce Software, produced a really superb demo video on the 800DV as he’s clearly a great fan of the synth (as we are also, and we own one too), so please click the link to see this: https://youtu.be/OUU2UVvglck

A useful CV/Gate modification (Hz/V) has previously been implemented to both the lower and upper synths on this example that we are Brokering. This is something that really adds some value to the 800DV for MIDI access via a converter, or use by other Hz/V Korg synths like the MS20 or PS3100 etc.

The overall cosmetic condition of this 41 year old vintage Korg is very good (see pictures), although it does show reasonable signs of age and wear to the control surface & cabinet, as to be expected.

This 800DV runs on US 110V, but the Korg will be supplied with an EU 220V step-down transformer free of charge by the owner. In addition, there is a ‘used’ aluminum flight-case included in the sale, although we will not ship the synth in this, so for any buyer able to collect it, then it will be included free of charge.

Sold with a full RL Music 3 month warranty.

As with all Brokered Sales, the synth will be fully serviced post-sale, before it’s sent to its new owner. We do this to ensure that the instrument leaves us in perfect operational condition, and it is backed up by our full warranty to give the new owner complete peace of mind. The servicing is carried out as a priority once the the sale has been completed, and although it will delay shipping/delivery by a short time, we know from experience that customers are happy to wait.

Price: £1750 GBP.

Availability: This Korg 800DV is no longer available (updated 29th Sept 2016).

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of the actual 800DV for sale.