Moog Source

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer

Came into stock: Available from RL Music from 1st March 2018

Restoration/Servicing Status: KSR have fully serviced this in February 2018, so it’s ready for sale now.

Remarks: We’ve not had a Moog Source in for a while so it’s been great fun diving into this machine again and hearing that distinctive vintage Moog sound. The 16 memory storage was quite a departure for Moog back in 1981 as they had not previously offered patch storage on a mono synth before, and the modern membrane panel design was also revolutionary for Moog at that time. It’s a super sounding machine and has a great many fans, but with prices going up in recent years it’s ‘value’ has been under pressure somewhat, so we are pleased to offer this example at an amazing price!

Moog Source: model #341 BX, S/N 2237X.

Our client, the owner of this Moog Source, purchased it in 1985 and it was used regularly until the late 1990s in his studio, after which it was stored away in its flight-case for a few years. It was later brought out in 2012 and used again up until 2015, so has been a reliable and trustworthy synth for decades.

The synth is in perfect operational condition and has just had a full service from KSR. Cosmetically, this is certainly not a collectors machine but it has been in regular use for most of its life, showing signs of expected wear and some marks to the control surfaces, but most importantly, the membrane, controls & keys all work perfectly and are undamaged – as you will see from the pictures we have taken (below). The price reflects the cosmetic condition, so has been agreed with our client to represent the best value Moog Source you can buy in the world today and they want a new owner to enjoy the amazing sound and character that this vintage Moog offers.

This Moog Source is sold with a 3 month RL Music warranty, runs on EU 220V and is supplied with its original hard-copy owners manual.

Price: £1490 GBP.

Availability: This Moog Source is now SOLD on reserve as at 6th March 2018.

Pictures of the actual Moog Source for sale are below.