Prophet 5 Rev 2

We are Brokering this very rare Prophet 5 Rev 2, for and on behalf of our UK client.

This Prophet 5 Rev 2 has been fitted with Kenton Midi, and it has been previously fully pro-restored by James Walker of Synth Repair Services (within the last 3 years).

As always, opinions circulate about the good, bad and differences between the Rev 2 and Rev 3 Prophets but the fact remains that the SSM based Rev 2 simply sounds (a lot) better. Its a significantly more rounded and fuller sound (trying to avoid the word fat you’ll notice) and the fabled SSM oscillators and filters work beautifully within this earlier Dave Smith designed synth.

The system architecture does differ quite significantly to the later versions, in particular with the abundant use of the SSM chipset throughout, but that’s the point of the Rev 2 and why its the most coveted model of all the Prophet lineage. Reliability is sometimes muted as a reason to avoid them, but regular use and good care is the key to longevity with any vintage analogue hybrid device and we have seen no less or more reliability with the Rev 3 platforms – and we have seen quite a few of both. However, we have a twist to the tail here with this example as it’s had a lot of attention paid to it to make it the best it can possibly be, so read on….

What helps this particular Rev 2 in the (no expense spared) attention by the owner to have the synth improved/upgraded, some details of what has been done as follows:

All capacitors have been replaced.
A brand new Power-Supply has been fitted
New trimmers for all VCOs fitted
New resistors for the Auto-Tune circuit fitted
New DAC installed
Lots of Logic chips replaced
Kenton MIDI installed
Cassette interface installed
Full key-bed overhaul & bushings replaced

In addition to the above, new Riku firmware has been installed – for more information on this extensive upgrade option please click the link:

The new firmware has lots of excellent features, like unison modes, new 2nd LFO, auto-tune improvements, front panel always live etc. Perhaps the perfect Rev 2..!

So, this beautiful instrument has been meticulously maintained, and in regular (home) use since the current owner purchased it in from the USA in 2011. Prior to this, we have no history on the Prophet 5, but it’s fair to say that this example is probably the best we have ever seen, and we’re very excited to be able to Broker it for our client.

This Rev 2 Prophet 5 is in 100% original cosmetic condition, with the panels (paint & screen printing) in excellent condition. You can actually see this Prophet 5 Rev 2 featured on the Vintage Synth Explorer website covering the Prophet 5 as it was used as the photo example for their webpage (pre-restoration & before the current owner purchased it) – link below:

We have already had our vintage synth restoration experts – KSR, fully service this Rev 2, so it’s ready for sale now.

This is a fantastic opportunity to buy (arguably) the ‘best Prophet 5 to have,’ and the price has been agreed with our client to keep it as competitive as possible, bearing in mind the large investment already made into this perfect example.

The Prophet 5 Rev 2 is sold with our full 3 month warranty, runs on EU 220V, and is supplied with a flight-case – although please note that we won’t ship it anywhere in a flight-case, so collection only if the flight-case is wanted.

Price: £5500 GBP.

Availability: This Prophet 5 Rev 2 is now SOLD as at 27th October 2015.

Click on the thumbnail for higher resolution photo of actual synth.